The Power of Digital Twins in Industrial IoT

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Simulation has been used in many years in the process industry, but now the industry is taking this to a higher level.  From being used for smaller parts of the plant and operator training, now more and more of the plant can be simulated as a digital twin following the plant lifecycle for improved safety and productivity.  When the simulator becomes the control system master, the plant can reduce risk for unplanned shutdowns and blackouts.

Key Topics Covered:

  • What are digital twins and why are they the next big thing in the Industrial IoT?
  • Will there be a digital twin for everything?
  • How to simplify the process behind Digital Twin deployment
  • How to use Digital Twins to improve processes and safety
  • How Digital Twins help to reduce risk and unplanned shutdowns
  • Real-world examples on how digital twins are used in industrial automation

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