The Rise of Industrial IoT Roundtable

End Date
Event Location Munich, Germany
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak
ARC Participants David Humphrey

"The Rise of Industrial IoT:  Emergence of New Scenarios, Opportunities, and Benefits"

The Industrial Internet of Things is industry’s answer to the profound effect that IoT is having on our daily lives. In the manufacturing world, the growing need for information from processes and products is driving digitalization in industrial companies. This, in turn, is changing every aspect of how we design, manufacture and distribute products.

  • What effects are “commercial” information technologies having on traditional factory automation architectures?
  • As manufacturing companies invest heavily in IIoT, what short-term and long-term benefits can they expect to reap?
  • The IIoT may centralize (virtualize) much of the software used in factories today, but with the advent of 5G networks, it might also decentralize intelligence. Which scenario will prevail?

IoT is not future technology – rather, it is up and running and available today for use in countless everyday applications, from industrial use to consumer products.

  • What does it mean today to live in a connected world and how will growing connectivity effect our daily lives in the future?
  • We read every day about e-cars and autonomous driving, but how practical are they and when will they begin to change the way we travel?
  • If the smartphone was the first phase of connectivity, what will the second and third phases look like? What connected products will we have in 15 years that we can’t imagine today?