SmartRail Congress

End Date
Event Location Munich, Germany
Event Type Conference
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak
ARC Participants Wasay Rashid

"Building Integrated Mobility Platforms:  A Comprehensive Approach"
June 19, 2:50 PM

Passengers want to have seamless journeys with integrated, intermodal ticketing models.  Mobility-as-a-Service schemes can help spread passengers across the network, alleviating capacity and enabling better journeys.  This session will look at ways to keep the modern passenger happy, including alternative modes of transportation, improving ticketing solutions, and the role of smart cities.
Encouraging a modal shift to public transportation

• Growing urban populations and the expected future transport needs of cities
• Reducing the attractiveness of cars and supporting the development of all modes of public transport
• Improving reliability and connectivity of public transport
• Environmental benefits of the uptake of public transit