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Sharada Prahladrao — Industry Trends

Deploying Digital Twins at City Scale

Jim Frazer, ARC Vice President of Smart Cities and Infrastructure, spoke with Phil Christensen at Bentley Systems about how Bentley is helping cities to develop and Deploying Digital Twins at City Scale
Ralph Rio — Acquisition or Partnership

ABB and Amazon Web Services Steer Fleet Management of EVs

​​​​​​​ABB and Amazon Web Services (AWS), an, Inc. company, announced a collaboration to jointly develop a cloud-based digital solution for the real-time fleet management of EVs
Wasay Rashid — Industry Trends

COVID-19 Implications for Global Datacenters

COVID-19 implications for data centers have been favorable, despite the global economic downturn.  Information technology infrastructure providers and internet service providers are seeing demand increase primarily because of digital transformation and remote working.  Mergers and acquisitions are going ahead in many cases, as most of them were started before the lockdown.
Rick Rys — Industry Trends

One Sun, One planet, One Electric Grid?

While “The Future Electric Grid” online session was in progress at the 2021 ARC Industry Forum, Texas was being plunged into outages caused by unusually cold conditions and heavy snow. With this catastrophe fresh in mind, this is a good time to review some of the politics, economics, and technology driving the future electric grid in Texas and elsewhere.
Larry O'Brien — Industry Trends

Learn Why Smart City Platforms Could be Right for Your City at ARC Forum

At the ARC Forum on Wed. Feb. 17 at 10 AM ET, ARC will host an in-depth session on smart city platforms that will include some industry-leading experts from cities, infrastructure corporations, solution providers, and suppliers that will break it all down and show the benefits already being realized. 
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