Asset Performance Management

Today, every owner/operator needs to optimize the performance of all of their facilities in terms of return-on-assets, safety, environmental and health compliance, and response to all customer demands.  They likewise need agile processes for efficiently managing a growing portfolio of capital projects on a global basis, with complete confidence that they will come on-stream as scheduled, within budget, and ready to produce the full range of products envisioned during the FEED stage.  Too often, owner/operators struggle to meet with these goals.   Rely on ARC to help you get the best from your people, processes and technologies as you respond to these pressures.

ARC's Asset Performance Management research delivers the strategic information you need to assess change.  We are also a valuable extension to your staff when you need to deal with unique challenges.

    Our experienced team of analysts and consultants does more than write reports and analyze market trends; we also offer personal contact and expert consultation customized to your specific needs.  You can gain from ARC's thought leadership through our Advisory Service.

    ARC Coverage Areas

    ARC's team of analysts are dedicated to researching, analyzing, and consulting in these areas:

    • Asset Information Management (AIM)
    • AIM for Design and Build Processes (Capital Projects)
    • AIM for Operate and Optimize Processes
    • AIM for Maintenance and Improve Processes
    • AIM Standards and Processes
    • Asset Integrity Management
    • Asset Performance Management (APM)
    • Condition Based Maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)
    • Process Engineering Tools (PET)
    • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    • Plant Asset Management (PAM)
    • Reliability and Risk Management
    • Sustainable Manufacturing & Infrastructure
    • Managing Global Projects and Resources

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