Packaging Operations Management Systems

This Selection Guide will help companies going through a Packaging Operations Management Systems evaluation process to make a quicker and better decision.

​The Packaging Operations Management System (POMS) supplier selection guide includes both selection criteria and guided workflow steps to help in choosing a packaging operations management system with the specific functionality required by an individual site or manufacturing company.  The scope of the criteria allows a user to select the specific functionality required by an individual site or manufacturing company, whether it is line management, product serialization, or an entire system controlling labelers, coders, vision systems, machines, and robotics, as well as integration with ERP and warehouse management and reporting systems.  It allows those involved in the selection quicker and improved decisions to help meet specific regulatory and customer requirements and provide compatibility with the current installed base of packaging equipment and controls.  

Packaging Operations Management Systems Selection Strategic Issues

ARC has been researching the POMS market for many years and we understand the challenge companies have in selecting and implementing a solution that best meets their packaging line operations and product coding and labeling requirement.  This includes: 

  • Compatibility with current installed base of automationPackaging Operations Management Systems
  • Breadth and depth of supplier’s solution(s)
  • Architectures based ANSI/ISA-88, PackML, and other standards
  • Support and training
  • Integration with business systems and other ISA Level 3 applications
  • Supplier long term viability
  • Identify long term visions


This ARC Selection Guide will help you select the best available packaging operations management system to meet your needs now and in the future.

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Representative End User Clients
Representative End User Clients