Wireless Devices in Process Manufacturing Selection

The Wireless Devices in Process Manufacturing guide is designed to help process manufacturing organizations make informed choices when selecting wireless devices.  It includes both selection criteria and strategies for choosing the correct wireless device technology and supplier.

Wireless Devices Overview

Wireless devices for the process industry play a pivotal role in the connectivity-enabled business improvement strategies of the future.  The prospect of adding wireless devices to the process automation architecture is compelling due to the potential for tangible business benefits and incremental operational improvements.  Process industry manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of how wireless technology can help them improve process performance, reliability, and efficiency, and ease conformance with government mandates.

Escalating use in these and other segments continues to drive new product configurations, new supplier entries, and overall expansion beyond the traditional industrial base.  Potential Industrial wireless device buyers need a sound roadmap to guide them through the maze of new technology options.

Extracted from ARC’s most recent Wireless Devices in Process Manufacturing market update, and drawing on our years of wireless market coverage, this guide will reduce your RFP development time and provide a sound foundation for expediting your product and supplier selection process.

Wireless Devices Selection Strategic Issues

The profile definition for industrial wireless devices has the potential to evolve drastically over the coming years.  This selection guide highlights key issues, such as:

  • How will emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, and IT/OT convergence impact selection choices?
  • How best to evaluate both technology and suppliers for support of your application and industry requirements?
  • What tools and standards are available to address industrial security concerns?
  • Who are the leading suppliers and innovators by region, industry and application?
  • Which suppliers have been acquired by who, and for what purpose?

Wireless Devices Guide Table of Contents


  • Major Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Regional Trends
  • End User Trends

Adoption Strategies

  • Strategies for Successful Adoption
  • Factors Contributing to Adoption
  • Factors Inhibiting Adoption

Scope of Report Research

Technology and Supplier Selection Criteria

  • Key Criteria Analysis
  • Fact-based Selection Process
  • Consider Best Practices by Suppliers
  • Selection Process Tools Available
  • Criteria List

Market Shares Analysis

  • Leading Suppliers
  • Top Suppliers by Geographic Regions
  • Top Suppliers by Industry Sectors

Market Share Figures by:

  • Region
  • Hardware, Software and Services
  • Vertical Industry
  • Technology/Device type
  • Wireless Standards
  • Application Class

Market Forecast Analysis

Key Supplier Profiles

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Representative End User Clients