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This Week's Featured Reports and News

Rick Rys Drones for Industry and Commerce

This ARC Advisory Group report explores commercial and industrial applications for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or what are commonly referred to as "drones." As discussed in this report, drone applications have rapidly grown in recent years to include a wide variety of commercial, municipal, industrial, and non-military government uses. They are changing many staffing requirements and creating new business opportunities in the private sector. 


Steve Banker The Uberization of Freight: What Value Can the Startups Provide to Shippers?

Venture capitalists are pouring money into startups looking to revolutionize the freight market with Uber-type business models. How will these developments impact both transportation management system (TMS) suppliers and shippers? Despite the hopes of the venture capital community, ARC sees a relatively small market opportunity for the new startups. these are niche solutions and not likely to benefit many shippers.​​​​​​​​