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This Week's Featured Reports and News

Larry O'Brien Where Alarm Management and Process Safety Intersect

Alarm management and process safety are closely intertwined. Your alarm management system and associated operator intervention are often the last line of defense before a safety system trip. The role of alarm management is a​lso important when you consider other layers of protection, such as the process control system. The ISA 18 and IEC 62682 standards govern alarm management, while the ISA 84 and ISA 61511 standards cover safety instrumented functions (SIF).


Chris Cunnane Explosion in E-commerce Leads to Distinctive New Shipping Solutions

Numerous reports show that for many retailers, e-commerce revenues are rising at double-digit rates, while in-store sales are increasing at less than the rate of inflation. But e-commerce shipping adds cost and complexity -- particularly when there are omni-channel delivery paths. E-commerce retailers also often experience increased product returns, further increasing both costs and transaction complexity.​​​​​​​​​​​