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Presenting ARC's Fifteenth Annual Orlando Forum

ARC World Industry Forum:  Driving Innovation, Sustainability, and Performance

February 7-10, 2011 - Orlando, Florida

Speakers Stress Need for Transformative Innovation

ARC’s 15th Annual World Industry Forum was held in a beautiful new venue, the Renaissance SeaWorld Marriott Hotel.  This year's event attracted more than 650 participants, representing 250 different organizations from 20 different countries.  This included more than 100 speakers, 45 media representatives, and a record number of end users from the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.  Many participants commented that this Forum was possibly the best they had ever attended.

ARC World Industry Forum

This year's forum began with a series of well-attended and highly interactive workshops and several important supplier press announcements on Monday; followed by general and topical sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the five different tracks.  However, all was not work: Opto 22 and ARC co-hosted a pre-Forum Super Bowl Party Sunday evening, ARC hosted a welcome reception Monday night, AT&T hosted a luncheon on Tuesday, AVEVA and Mitsubishi both hosted receptions Tuesday evening, and Siemens hosted a reception at SeaWorld Wednesday evening. 

Andy Chatha, ARCDriving Innovation, Sustainability, and Performance through Collaborative Value Networks
In his opening remarks, Andy Chatha, ARC's Founder and President, introduced ARC's new Collaborative Value Networks concept, commenting that while the business drivers haven't changed significantly since last year, the intensity continues to increase.

According to Andy, recent events in the Middle East increased the level of uncertainty.  Security — both physical and cyber — is becoming a bigger challenge for all companies.  The BRIC countries are becoming stronger and more competitive every year.  More "Facebook-generation" younger people are joining the workforce every year, bringing many new ideas and working styles.  Government regulations increase by the day.  We have started to upgrade the electric grid, with the Smart Grid having the potential to become as powerful and intelligent as the Internet.  And the IT revolution continues, bringing with it, what Andy calls "easy IT" solutions.  "With all these changes going on, we need to become highly flexible and agile," said Andy. 

Andy added that any company that wants to reduce costs by 20-30 percent to compete effectively must innovate and look for new ways to do things using new solutions that enable new business models.  This provided an excellent segue to his next topic for discussion; Collaborative Value Networks.

To put this in context, Andy first discussed ARC's Collaborative Manufacturing Management (CMM) model, which ARC introduced back in 2000.  While the CMM concept provides a meaningful way to visualize and analyze the plant as a node in a supply chain network, it doesn't go far enough.  Today's companies realize that they must become more design- or innovation-centric and supply chain networks don't incorporate design and engineering departments, which are managed separately by a different department.  To become more innovation-centric, companies need to integrate their design, make, and deliver processes from end to end.  Collaborative Value Networks extend CMM to the enterprise.

David Ritter, The Haymarket GroupOil & Gas Industry Trends and Challenges
The first keynote speaker at Tuesday morning's opening general session, David Ritter, President of the Haymarket Group, provided a high-level overview of the trends and challenges facing the global oil & gas industry today and its importance within the global economy.

According to David, "The oil & gas industry facilitates global economies.  The global oil & gas industry will invest 1.5 trillion dollars a year from 2010 through 2030."  According to David, "Population and economic growth are the biggest growth drivers for energy — particularly in Asia — and the global energy demand will double by 2050.  Conventional supplies will struggle to keep up with this demand, and alternative sources will not initially be able to close the gap."  As a result, "Oil and gas will provide more than 50 percent of the world's energy requirements for the next 20 years and this continued dependence on oil and gas will trigger regulatory intervention; transforming carbon dioxide into a resource, rather than a hindrance.”

In conclusion, David commented, "Innovation, creativity, and performance excellence are essential to meeting the future challenges of responsible energy production."

The Power of One, the Power to Lead
The next keynote speaker, Don Taylor, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering at Dow Chemical's Advanced Materials Division, gave a well-received presentation on the company's global transformation strategy.  Don prefaced his presentation by saying that many of the challenges summarized in David's oil & gas industry overview also apply to the global chemical industry.  To set the tone for his presentation, Don cited a quote widely attributed to manufacturing guru, W. Edwards Deming: "Change is not mandatory.  Survival is optional."

Don Taylor, Dow Chemical

According to Don, Dow Chemical initiated its transformation strategy five years ago.  The objective was not only to change the products the company made, but also how it made the products and how its people operated.  The changing manufacturing and engineering landscape leads to diversification of manufacturing activities and operations.  More products require manufacturing flexibility (discrete, complex batch, simple batch, and continuous), plus the need to integrate different organizations, and to do so in a difficult economy.

ARC World Industry ForumThe company's Integrated Management System combines work processes and engineering competencies, providing a culture of empowerment with individuals "empowered to deliver."  The company also initiated an Integrated Performance System to track performance on a daily (rather than monthly) basis, with teams evaluating performance in daily meetings and implementing changes and improvements.

According to Don, the transformation at Dow Chemical has had some significant results.  With a "safety-first" focus, process safety incidents have been reduced by 50 percent; loss of primary containment incidents have been reduced by 50 percent (with related spill quantity reduced by 70 percent); and the number and severity of injuries has been reduced by 50 percent or more at many sites.  Other results attributed to the transformation include accelerated implementation, plus improved synergies, reliability, energy efficiency, production capacity, and more.

Tuesday Morning Panel Session

Asset Information Management Strategies
At the Wednesday morning's general session, Bechtel Group Senior Vice President, Geir Ramleth, gave a presentation on the need for suppliers, EPCs (such as Bechtel), and owner-operators to develop and implement standards for managing asset-related information.  He prefaced his presentation with, "We [Forum participants], as a collection of industries, need to mature by developing some basic standards [for asset information management]."  Geir then gave some examples of common standards that make life and business easier.  These included calendars, standard gauge railways, boxcars for shipping, standard couplers for fire hydrants, and credit cards, which can be used anywhere around the world. 

Geir Ramleth, BechtelGeir went on to describe the owner/operator challenge of poor information.  These include the time it takes to achieve design capacity at new facilities, increased regulatory requirements, the aging workforce, low "wrench time" due to poor access to accurate information, and a move toward centralized operations.  Geir said, "We, the builders, should help owner/operators deal with their information challenges. 

Geir commented that he agrees with ARC's new model for the asset information process, which allows for a smooth, rather than disjointed flow of relevant information for stakeholders over the asset lifecycle.

Geir concluded, "To deliver the full potential of asset information management, we need everyone — suppliers, EPCs, software providers, and owner/operators — to work together, support standards, and deliver solutions.  Most people don't disagree that standards are needed, but not many are doing much about it."  

Wednesday Morning Panel Session

Both the general sessions summarized above, and the more topical program sessions at this year's World Industry Forum (including sessions on operational excellence, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, project performance management, enterprise mobility solutions, sustainability and production management, and energy management) shared a number of common themes.  These include the need for companies to adopt common standards and processes, the need for real-time decision support through digitization, the need for easy IT, and the need to innovate in how companies manage and leverage data, collaborate across value chains, leverage new technologies, incorporate standard approaches and technologies, and adopt new business models.


Attendee Testimonials

We received many favorable comments from our attendees on the quality of the agenda, diversity of speakers, and the Forum as a whole.  Following is a sampling of what they told us.

"One of the best ever ARC Forums - well done ARC Team!"

Maurice Wilkins
Vice President, IA Global Strategic Marketing


"I come here every year to get a fresh perspective on new ideas."

Craig Schiro
Senior Engineering Associate

"ARC does a great job of putting together the right thought leaders for the industry.  Just a tremendous amount of consistency, continuous improvement, and innovation in their conference programming.  You learn a lot and you get to meet a lot of great people and really build a lot of friendships."

Fred Yentz

"ARC’s Forum provides a great opportunity to network, along with interesting presentations about top notch topics."

Andreas Wernsdörfer
Vice President, Automation & Electrical Engineering

"There’s no place else you can find so many experts in one place – it’s a great place to network."

Chris Gibbons
Project Execution and Control Manager

"ARC's Forum changes my perspective on industry trends and allows me to make better decisions regarding those trends."

Richard Morihara, Research & Technology Engineer

"Increased participation in ARC's Forum is indicative of the improving economy and a willingness for industry leaders to think about the big picture again."

Sid Venkatesh, Associate Technical Fellow

"ARC's Forum gives OMAC's Machine Tool Working Group (MTWG) participants an opportunity to meet face-to-face for problem-solving and strategy sessions. It also allows us contact with other industry leaders that are not part of the MTWG."

David Odendahl, Model Based Definition Engineer


"ARC did a great job organizing the workshop and sessions.  The format was one of the most interactive sessions I’ve attended and was very worthwhile.  The content was informative and pertinent to anti-counterfeiting strategies and organizational issues.  I look forward to attending next year."

Robert Sherwood
Vice President, Security Programs Management

"ARC's Forum offers an amazing insight/expertise/experience with the oil/gas/power/refinery industries; it helped Rackspace Hosting engage with many potential clients and current customers within the industry.  ARC's staff was overwhelmingly hospitable and truly helped Rackspace Hosting feel welcome as a first-time attendee and sponsor.  We walked away from the event with multiple quality opportunities, immediate action items, and a new level of knowledge.  We will definitely be back next year!"

Matthew Lathrop
Sharepoint Evangelist

"As an emerging vendor in the segment, the "Beyond the Perfect Order Metric" session’s content, presenters, format and hosts were outstanding.  I brought home a number of insights that will help my company better address our clients’ and prospects’ needs."

Jonathan Kall

"Final impressions from ARC's World Industry Forum:  Innovation is alive and well for manufacturing companies looking to compete and win in the global market."

Tom Knight
Founder & CEO


Clemens Blum, Schneider Electric   Allen Burchett, ABB  Don Taylor, Dow Chemical

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum

Eric Cosman, Dow Chemical   Murray Aksenchuk, ReVisionz  Mike Sarli, ExxonMobil

Kieran Ryan, Walmart   Eric Lau, Suncor Energy  Don Enstrom, Cott

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum   ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum

CEO Panel   CEO Panel

Bill Muldoon, AVEVA   Jerry Gipson, Dow Chemical  Marty Mrugal, SAP

Alan Kiraly, Bentley Systems   Patrick  Holcomb, Intergraph  Geir Ramleth, Bechtel

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum   ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum   ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum  ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum   ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum  ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum

Richard Martin, Rolta   Cliff Pedersen, North West Upgrading  Eric Lau, Suncor Energy

Achim Krueger, SAP   Bill Gaughan, NOVA Chemicals  Jeff Bonnell, NRX

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum   ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum  ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum

ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum   ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum  ARC Orlando 2011 World Industry Forum


Following is the schedule for the Forum.

Sunday, February 6

6:00 PM Join ARC for a Super Bowl Party

Monday, February 7

Forum Opening Day Workshop Sessions

  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5

Design & Production Integration


Project Management

Industry to Grid (I2G) Summit

1:00 PM       I2G Summit Supplier Press Announcements (12 - 7 PM)
2:00 PM

Tools for Virtual Integration of Electrical, Controls & Machinery

Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop

FIATECH Workshop I2G Summit, cont.
4:00 PM

Tools for Virtual Integration of Electrical, Controls & Machinery

Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop, cont. FIATECH Workshop, cont. I2G Summit, cont.
6-9 PM Registration and Welcome Reception

Tuesday, February 8

8:30 AM General Session: Keynote Presentations
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM General Session: Industry Executive Panel
12:00 PM AT&T Lunch

Operational Excellence


Project Management

Mobility Solutions 


2:00 PM

Energy Management Strategies

Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection

Project Management IT 2.0

Enterprise Mobility Strategies and Solutions

3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Remote Operations Management Anti-Counterfeiting and Track & Trace Solutions Is Interoperability Still a Significant Problem in Capital Project Delivery?

Mobility for Improved Asset Performance

5:30 PM AVEVA Reception
7:00 PM Mitsubishi Electric Reception and Dinner

Wednesday, February 9

Operational Excellence

Sustainability and Production Management 

Project Management/Asset Performance Management

Energy Management 

Beyond the Perfect Order Metric Seminar
(separate registration)

8:30 AM General Session: Keynote Presentation and Industry Executive Panel Shelf-Level Collaboration Research Results / Del Monte Foods Case Study
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM What Does State-of-the-Art Process Automation Look Like?

Margin Improvement and Cost Management Solutions

What Does a Good AIM Strategy Look Like? Smart Infrastructure for Energy Management Sony Electronics Case Study / Whirlpool and Lowes Case Study
12:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM What Makes a Safety Culture?

Manufacturing Sustainability Strategies and Solutions

Strategies for Asset Performance Management 

Energy Management and the Evolution of Intelligent Motor Control and Drives



Think Tank Discussions on Shelf-Level Collaboration
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Process Automation Systems Lifecycle Management Speed, Innovation, Quality, and Cost:  Benefits of Connecting PLM to the Plant Floor Achieving World-Class Reliability

Making Buildings Green

Think Tank Debriefs / Technology Vendor Panel
6:30 PM Siemens Reception and Dinner at SeaWorld

Thursday, February 10

Operational Excellence

OMAC Session

Asset Performance Management

ISA Session

Beyond the Perfect Order Metric Seminar

8:30 AM Industrial Wireless Standards

OMAC Session 1:  Best Practices in Packaging Operations Management

Strategies to Achieve Smart Asset Performance

Workforce Development

Mobile Technologies in Supply Chain / Kraft Foods Case Study
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Modular Procedural Automation

OMAC Session 2:  Best Practices in Machinery

Industry Standards Update


Think Tank Discussions on Mobile Technologies in Supply Chain
12:00 PM Forum Ends with Boxed Lunches
1-3 PM OPC Foundation Workshop:  The Business Value of Device to Cloud Information Integration


Executive Speakers

Keynote and featured speakers include the following.  Click on the speaker name to view a brief bio. 

Featured Speakers

Martin KennerGlobal Technical Director, Security Systems Division3M
Allen BurchettHead of Strategic InitiativesABB
Per Erik HolstenSr. Vice President, Local Division Manager, Process Automation DivisionABB
Thoralf SchulzGlobal Technology Manager, BU Open Control SystemsABB
Brian HelmsPower Markets CoordinatorAlcoa
Andy JonesGeneral Manager, Automotive BusinessApplied Manufacturing Technologies
Charlie PappisGroup VP & GM, Applied Global Services  Applied Materials
Tom ComstockExec. Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Product Management and StrategyApriso
Don DunnManager, Consulting EngineeringAramco Services
Darrin ClarkCorporate Reliability Program ManagerArcelorMittal
David Hartley Vice President & Chief Information OfficerArch Coal
Ryan WardEnergy ManagerArchitect of the Capitol
Daniel MillerDirector, Industry Solutions PracticeAT&T
John KowalMarket Development ManagerB&R Automation
Andreas WernsdörferVice President, Automation & Electrical EngineeringBASF
Joachim BirkVice President, Automation TechnologyBASF
David KavanaughPrincipal Process Control EngineerBayer
Joe StaplesHead of North America Manufacturing SystemsBayer CropScience
Peter StainesManager of EPC SystemsBechtel
Geir RamlethSr. Vice President & Chief Information OfficerBechtel Group
Alan KiralyVice President, Operations Product ManagementBentley Systems
Ken AdamsonVice President, Electrical, Piping, and Plant ProductsBentley Systems
Sid VenkateshAssociate Technical FellowBoeing
David LaffertyIT & Services Advisor, Chief Technology OfficeBP
Eduardo Salas GonzálezOperations IT ManagerBritish American Tobacco
Jeremey HerlynPlant ManagerCardinal Ethanol
Paul WettererIT Systems ArchitectChevron
Don EnstromSr. Director, Manufacturing & Engineering ServicesCliffstar
Sally PotterSr. Manager, Research & Innovation SupportCoca-Cola
Shaw GilmerGlobal Director, Planning & Strategic SourcingCP Kelco
Steve PflantzProject ManagerCRB Consulting Engineers
Harry SimCEOCypress Envirosystems
Kenn BengtssonSenior Project Manager, PMPDC Water
Uli SutorKey Account ManagerDeckel Maho Gildemeister
William PollardVice President, Customer Service and TransportationDel Monte Foods
Dennis FettingSpecial Agent, Homeland Security InvestigationsDepartment of Homeland Security
Craig CastoGlobal Leader, RFID-GPS-AutoID Expertise CenterDow Chemical
Don TaylorVice President, Advanced MaterialsDow Chemical
Eric CosmanEngineering Solutions IT ConsultantDow Chemical
Jeff DudleyMaintenance Technology Center DirectorDow Chemical
Jerry GipsonDirector, Engineering Solutions Technology CenterDow Chemical
Mike WilliamsSenior Asset ManagerDow Chemical
Yahya NazerM&E Consultant, Process AutomationDow Chemical
Bob KarschniaVice President of Wireless, Rosemount Measurement DivisionEmerson Process Management
Kris KumarControl System Section HeadExxonMobil Research & Engineering
Michael SarliPlant Automation Technology Program LeaderExxonMobil Research & Engineering
Nicole Testa BostonDeputy DirectorFIATECH
Ray ToppingVice Chairman of the BoardFIATECH
Robert WibleProject ManagerFIATECH
A. L. (Pete) ParkerPresidentFractionation Research
Ram AngaraDirector of ITFurniture Brands
Bernardo AngerGeneral Manager, Control and Communication SystemsGE Intelligent Platforms
Erik UdstuenGeneral Manager, Software and ServicesGE Intelligent Platforms
Andrew DugenskeManager of Research Services, Manufacturing Research CenterGeorgia Institute of Technology
Bill HiltonDirector of Safety & Health, Consumer ProductsGeorgia-Pacific
Jarmo SalminenDepartment Manager, Process Control EngineeringGeorgia-Pacific Chemicals
Ed MendesGlobal Practice Director, Information Management & Communications SystemsHatch
John McIlwainPrincipal Automation EngineerHoneywell Specialty Materials
Stewart WhitlowManager Manufacturing SystemsHuhtamaki
David McCartySolution Executive, Consumer ProductsIBM
Pradeep NairMaximo Product ManagerIBM Tivoli
Kenny IngramGlobal Product Director, Project Based SolutionsIFS
Fred YentzCEOILS Technology
Jim ConnerIndependent Consultant
John MurphyDirector of Solution ManagementInfor
Joseph MetzSenior Productivity EngineerInSinkErator
Patrick HolcombExec. Vice President, Global Business Development Intergraph
Beth DoaneIT Manager for Prattville MillInternational Paper
Charlie PiperSenior Development Program ManagerInvensys
Stephen AppleSenior Account ExecutiveInvensys
Tom TroyDirector, MES SolutionsInvensys
Tom KnightFounder & CEOInvistics
Florian LendersVice President, Services & The Aladon NetworkIvara
Raja ChandrashekarVice President, Industry StrategyJDA Software Group
Hiroshi OkadaAssistant Manager of IT Department, Engineering DivisionJGC
Ronald GuidoVice President, Global Brand Protection & Supply Chain IntegrityJohnson & Johnson
Don AdamsSr. Director, Global Sustainability and TechnologyKeystone Foods
John HargreavesDirector, Retail FinanceKraft Foods
Shaun BeachSr. Manager Retail Initiatives, Sales Operations & Strategy GroupKraft Foods
Michael NorrisManager, Control & Electrical SystemsLyondellBasell
Dean FordDirector, Operational ConsultingMaverick Technologies
Bonz HartPresident & CEOMeridium
Joe NicholsVice President Product StrategyMeridium
John LeslieDirector, Building & Energy Management Systems  MGM Resorts International 
Thorbjørn SørensenEnvironmental DirectorMiddelfart Municipality
Jason KasparDirector, Product & Industry MarketingMincom
Don CameronProduct Manager, Variable Frequency Drives and Package SolutionsMitsubishi Electric
Ben WhitakerManager, Enterprise Process ReengineeringMohawk Fine Papers
Camilla HerronBrand Protection ManagerMonster Cable Products
Wayne HartmannVice President of MarketingNexGear, A Division of PowerSecure
Michael CodenVice PresidentNextNine
Cliff PedersenCIONorth West Upgrading
Terry WalleyIT Program ManagerNorthrop Grumman Shipbuilding
Bill GaughanIT LeaderNOVA Chemicals
Doug LutzSenior Process Control EngineerNOVA Chemicals
Jeff BonnellVice President Marketing and Product StrategyNRX Global
Wayne MangesProgram ManagerOak Ridge National Laboratory
Mark ZelenakVice President, Consumer Products & RetailOne Network Enterprises
Thomas BurkePresident & Executive DirectorOPC Foundation
John DaneseProduct Strategy Director, Manufacturing Operations CenterOracle
Mike LiebsonDirector, Value Chain Planning Product StrategyOracle
Stephen SladeSenior Director, Applications MarketingOracle
Fred YglesiaSr. Business Analyst – EAMOrlando Utilities Commission
Patrick KennedyFounder and CEOOSIsoft
Eddie HabibiFounder & CEOPAS
Rob AleksaSection Head, Corporate EngineeringProcter & Gamble
Tim StorerDigital Manufacturing Product ManagerProcter & Gamble
Roja ChallaProcess Control Systems Support, AmericasReichhold
Murray AksenchukCEOReVisionz
Tom Schaefer Industry Solutions Manager, Water Wastewater Business Rockwell Automation
Martin MrugalSr. Vice President, Manufacturing & Consumer Industries SAP
Ashraf GhazzawiGeneral Supervisor, Process Control DivisionSaudi Aramco
Patrick FlandersEngineering Consultant, Inventor, and Technologist Saudi Aramco
Andy GravittSenior Vice President, Industry BusinessSchneider Electric
Clemens BlumExecutive Vice President & Global Head of Industry BusinessSchneider Electric
Jose RiveraSr. Vice President Strategy and CommunicationSchneider Electric
Matthias LeinbergerStrategic Business DirectorSiemens PLM Software
Bernie CooperCEO (2001 to 2010)Silcar
Dave StaplesBusiness Development ManagerSKF Reliability Systems
Margaret KairisDirector, Customer Supply Chain OperationsSony Electronics
Kirk WeissSr. MES Project ManagerStone Technologies
Noralf GamlemCIO, Offshore & Specialized Vessels Business AreaSTX OSV
Eric KC LauProcess Specialist, Automation and SimulationSuncor Energy
Dave RitterPresidentThe Haymarket Group
Jay LeeOhio Eminent Scholar and L.W. Scott Alter Chair ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati
Frank SentelleAutomation Leader, Mobile SiteUOP
Aaron ZurborgDirector, Smart Grid StrategyVentyx, an ABB Company
Kieran RyanSenior Manager, Material Handling & LogisticsWalmart Logistics
John MayhewSr. Engineering Services ManagerWaters
Mike PechtelDirector, Strategy/Planning and Operations for Lowe'sWhirlpool
Scott BooneSenior Project Engineer Woodard and Curran
Randy WilliamsVice President, Integrated SystemsWorleyParsons
Erik BartschMine Operations Technology Leader, Nickel Rim South MineXstrata Nickel
Marcus TennantPrincipal Systems ArchitectYokogawa
Paul ZepfDirector of EngineeringZarpac


Innovations Showcase

New industry solutions for manufacturing were on display at the Innovations Showcase.  The Showcase provides an excellent opportunity for executives to assess the potential for emerging applications in production management, interoperability, digital manufacturing, process improvement, asset management, operations management, supply chain synchronization, and more.  Exhibits have application scenarios for attendees to see how emerging technologies are applied to help solve issues in the manufacturing industries.

ARC World Industry Forum Innovations Showcase   ARC World Industry Forum Innovations Showcase  ARC World Industry Forum Innovations Showcase

The Showcase is open during the Monday Evening Reception and during breakfasts, breaks, and lunches.  It is held adjacent to the forum where refreshments are served.

ARC World Industry Forum Innovations Showcase



The Forum is held at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld Marriott
6677 Sea Harbor Drive
Orlando, Florida  32821
407-351-5555 or 800-327-6677


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