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This Week's Featured Reports and News

SCott Evans Currently Shunned by Investors, Additive and Hybrid Metalworking Segments Surge Ahead

While the initial hype over additive manufacturing (3D printing) has toned down a bit, and investor enthusiasm for this emerging segment has declined (with the 52-week average share price for some suppliers drop-ping by over 70 percent), the markets for both purely additive machines and the emerging class of hybrid machine tools that incorporate both subtractive and additive metalworking elements in the same work envelope are expanding. This is particularly true in metalworking, where additive manufacturing alone can't provide the degree of finish often required for precision parts.

Tim Shea Intelligent Pumps Can Help Increase Oil and Gas Production and Recovery Rates

Automation suppliers' revenues dropped by over 3 percent during the second quarter of 2015. The precipitous drop in oil prices and the strong dollar had a significant impact on growth for most process industry suppliers. Based on the corresponding drop in order activity, many suppliers have trimmed their expectations for business in the quarters ahead. Discrete automation suppliers continued to benefit from stronger investment activity in the electronics and automotive industries in Asia and North America, and Japanese suppliers continued to gain disproportionate benefit from a weaker yen.