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This Week's Featured Reports and News

Dick Slansky Machine Learning Changing the Economics of Business, Industry, and Society

The notion of teaching machines to think, or at least act like humans, has been around since machines became capable of replacing human work. When Alan Turing developed the theory of computing and conceived the notion of powerful computing machines in the middle of the 20th century, he helped usher in the age of computing. He also posed the famous question, "Can machines think?" and created the equally famous Turing Test of a machine's ability to mimic human behavior.

Eric Cosman Ensuring the Safety and Security of Industrial Control Systems

Process safety and cybersecurity are distinctly different disciplines, but there is growing realization that they are related.  Industrial organizations face the common imperative of determining the appropriate response for desired security and safety for various parts of their industrial control systems. International standards committees such as ISA84 and ISA99 are collaborating to develop information in this area that will appear in their respective standards (ISA84 and ISA-62443).