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Technology Evaluation & Selection for Industry

 This Week's Featured Reports and News

Dick SlanskyThe Next Generation of Computing: Emulating the Human Brain

Nearly 70 years ago, a team of engineers and mathematicians funded by the U.S. Army announced a new computing machine. They called it "ENIAC," for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. It is generally accepted that this event heralded the beginning of the modern computing era. The most notable feature of ENIAC was its computing architecture developed by mathematician John von Neumann, which be-came the basis for modern computing and every computer built since 1948.

Harry ForbesEmbedded Virtualization in Automation Systems

Server virtualization has become part of mainstream IT, and most server virtualization technologies and benefits map directly into CPAS at the server level. This Insight concerns the impact virtualization has on the other parts of process automation systems: process controllers, I/O systems, and process field devices, the parts of an automation system implemented as embedded systems. Server technologies such as multi-core processers and virtualization are now making their way into these embedded systems.

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