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Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Advisory Service

ARC's Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Advisory Service provides the intelligence you need to incorporate the latest IoT-related developments and best practices into your company's asset and product lifecycle management strategy.

Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Download ARC Strategy ReportThe automation and management of asset-intensive enterprises will be transformed by the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), or as some people call it M2M, Industry 4.0, or simply Industrial Internet.  Compared with the Internet revolution, many product and asset management solutions have labored under high costs and poor connectivity and performance.  This is now changing.  New high-performance systems that can support both Internet and Cloud connectivity as well as predictive asset management are reaching the market.  New cloud computing models, analytics, and aggregation technologies enable broader and low cost application of analytics across these much more transparent assets.

These developments have the potential to radically transform products, channels, and company business models.  This will create disruptions in the business and opportunities for all types of organizations -  OEMs, technology suppliers, system integrators, and global consultancies.  There may be the opportunity to overturn established business models, with a view toward answering customer pain points and also growing the market in segments that cannot be served economically with today’s offerings.

Industrial Internet of Things Enables New Business ModelsMobility, local diagnostics, and remote asset monitoring are important components of these new solutions, as all market participants need ubiquitous access to their assets, applications, and customers.  Real-time mobile applications support EAM, MRO, inventory management, inspections, workforce management, shop floor interactions, facilities management, field service automation, fleet management, sales and marketing, machine-to-machine (M2M), and many others.

Answers to Strategic Questions

With ARC's Industrial IoT Advisory Service, you have the information and analysis to tackle these issues, improving your day-to-day decision making and strategic planning.  Plus, you have direct access to the industry's leading experts for best practices in Industrial Internet of Things, asset management technologies, and best practices across all Design, Operate and Maintain processes.  Your projects and your efforts to optimize performance of your assets and products will be more successful with support from ARC's knowledgeable analysts and consultants.

  • What are IoT value propositions for operations, asset management, service management and other key areas?
  • How can you use IoT to reduce unplanned downtime?
  • What are the best practices for measured roll-out of IoT implementations?
  • How will the Industrial IoT enable product suppliers to sell and deliver their solutions as services?
  • Why do IoT strategies require C-level visibility?

Assets and Products that Can Be Remotely Monitored by Industrial IoT 

With ARC, your strategic decisions have an independent, third party analysis specific to your needs.  Using internal resources, Download ARC Insightanswers to key strategic questions can take many months of study and analysis and they often reach the wrong conclusion.  Improved decision-making starts with utilizing ARC's Services. 

ARC is the global leader in business strategies, operational best practices, industry trends, and technology assessment services for industry and infrastructure.  You and your staff will have the third party knowledge needed to assess industry dynamics and improve project and asset performance.

Our experienced team of analysts and consultants does more than write reports and analyze market trends; we also offer personal contact and expert consultation customized to your specific needs.  You can gain from ARC's thought leadership through our Advisory Services. 

Find out how ARC will help improve your operations and profitability.  For more information, please download the Industrial Internet of Things Advisory Service Brochure or contact us.

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