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In today's rapidly changing industrial landscape, solution providers face a multitude of operational challenges, including energy transition, decarbonization, smart manufacturing, technology transformation, and supply chain resilience, to name a few. To navigate these, industrial solution providers need a trusted partner with deep market knowledge, relationships, and a global reach. ARC can help answer questions critical to your success, such as:

  • What emerging market issues should I be aware of and how will they impact my company and products?
  • Are my product strategies and roadmaps aligned with market needs and use cases?
  • How do I stack up against the competition and where can I differentiate?
  • How can I connect to the market and deliver on-point messaging?
  • Are there partners, channels, or potential acquisitions that can help me grow my business?

ARC Advisory Group understands that each company has different visions and goals. By providing a set of flexible, client-specific services, we put our globally-respected market leadership and expertise to work for you. We offer:

Executive Advisory Service

Ideal for senior-level leaders needing strategic guidance on market opportunity identification, business trends, financial, and M&A implications. A dedicated, senior-level analyst ensures your company is positioned for success. Example of activities included with this service:

  • 1-1 strategy sessions
  • Ad hoc analyst engagement on emerging market issues
  • Topically curated research
  • Public relations support
ARC Advisory Service Deliverables

Product-line Advisory Service 

This service helps product line leaders and managers understand how to best develop, position, and deliver their solutions to technology end users. ARC’s lead analyst will help you understand the addressable market, buyer and influencer personas, and use cases critical to your solution. Example of activities included with this service:

  • Product line analysis and strategy development
  • Messaging review
  • Solution roadmap and update briefings
  • Ad hoc analyst engagement on emerging market issues 
  • Press release support

Audience Engagement Service

Leverage ARC's reputation to boost engagement and market exposure. We can help build and deliver event keynotes, panels, and workshops.

  • Speaker/facilitation support for one in-person event
  • Coverage and publication of the event via a one-to-two page ARC View
  • Speaker support for one virtual event

Competitive Intelligence Service

Improve your ability to gather, analyze, and use competitive intelligence to win in the market. ARC will help you understand the competitive landscape. Using publicly available information ARC will then provide a detailed analysis of your two most critical competitors. As your competition makes moves in the market, an ARC analyst will also help you understand what it means and how to best react to it.

  • Includes one Study-as-a-Service of choice
  • Dedicated working sessions to identify key competitors
  • ARC analysis of up to two companies

Partner Development Service

Identify and meet critical partners that can help you win in the market. Our experts will assist in identifying key go-to-market (GTM) partners. As your team evolves, ARC will help facilitate introductions with up to three top targets.

  • Identify key go-to-market (GTM) partners
  • Development and delivery of partner inquiry document
  • Introductions of up to three partners

For more detailed information on how we can help you win in the market, view our client success stories.

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