Market Research Pinpoints Path to Success

A global supplier of process technology and equipment hired ARC to help them identify market growth opportunities

Client Challenges

execmtg57015-300px-cr.jpgA global supplier of process technology and equipment wanted to expand their business in the North American market. The company felt that expansion of their product offerings might be key to increased revenues and margins. They wanted to determine what strategic steps were required to successfully make this transition.

ARC Solution

ARC addressed this client's needs through a four-part study. First, ARC assessed the overall market size and determined which portion was potentially available to this client. Second, ARC validated its estimates and assessed customer acceptance of this client through direct interviews. Third, ARC assessed the company's technological and organizational strengths and weaknesses in the automation area by conducting interviews internal to the organization. And, fourth, ARC did an in-depth analysis of competitor positions and strategies to establish a true picture of the market environment. The results of this analysis were then used to prepare a set of strategic recommendations that would position the company for a successful expansion of their business activities including potential partnering solutions.

Analysis: Results:
Market assessment Credible business plan
User interviews Needs analysis
Client technology Capabilities assessment
Recommendations Market penetration


The study quantified the significant market opportunity available. It clearly defined a strategy with actions that the company accepted and successfully implemented. ARC continues to support this effort through follow-up discussions and consultation regarding implementation activities. Project success lead to a follow-up project with the same client to provide similar analysis for the company's global operations.

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