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Fabian Wanke — Industry Trends

Open Source and UIC @ Embedded World

The Embedded World trade fair, held in Nuremberg, Germany has become the world’s largest show for the embedded community. While the embedded market is fragmented into thousands of different application areas, the focus on automation has grown in recent years, as the IIoT is picking up pace and automation suppliers put more and more intelligence into their field and edge devices. For the developer community, especially in the embedded world, the open source idea has long been a golden rule. Increasingly, this approach is now entering the traditionally conservative automation industry and was discussed in depth at the fair.
Florian Güldner — Industry Trends

Mindsphere Ready for Digitalization in Manufacturing

Digitalization in manufacturing is really getting ready for take-off.  These last months we heard from more and more companies about new products that will enable the digitalization of the plant floor.  But it’s not just about new

Florian Güldner — Company and Product News

Artificial Intelligence Moves into Production

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been floating around for years.  At first it was just an idea discussed at universities by stereotypical academics.  But is has emerged, first test cases have been developed and then, in the form of intelligent personal assistants (Siri, Cortana, Al

Naresh Kumar Surepelly — Project Success Story

Siemens Gamesa Captures 160MW of Solar EPC Orders

Renewable energy firm Siemens Gamesa said that the company has won 160MW of solar EPC orders from two customers from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in India
Fabian Wanke — Company and Product News

Siemens Founds MindSphere World Association

These are exciting times in the automation industry. Digitization is rapidly getting momentum. This week, Siemens, together with 18 partners, took an important step by establishing MindSphere as one of the most important industrial cloud ecosystems. ARC attended the event in Berlin.