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Featured here are original and timely articles from ARC analysts and guest writers on topics such as Digitization, New Business Models, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing. We dive into technologies such as additive manufacturing, machine learning, asset performance management, device connectivity, IIoT architecture, cybersecurity, augmented reality, and more related to digitization and transformation of industries, infrastructure, and cities. Our goal is to provide readers with clear and concise analyses, opinions, and discussion of these trends, technologies, and services. Sign up for our weekly IIoT/I4 Viewpoints newsletter.

Naresh Kumar Surepelly — Technology Trends

A New Motor with a PCB Stator and No Copper Windings  

Infinitum Electric has a patented printed circuit board (PCB) stator technology that can potentially change the electric motor landscape with a new motor with a PCB stator and no copper windings. 
Rick Rys — Industry Trends

Will COVID-19 change the future of the electric grid?

The lockdowns around the world helped slow the spread of COVID-19, but the reduction in personal transportation and the industrial shutdowns resulted in a temporary reduction of fossil energy with corresponding reductions in air pollution and carbon emissions. Will this change the future of the electric grid?
Peter Reynolds — Technology Trends

Intelligent Operations Management During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is testing the integrity of business continuity plans. How quickly an enterprise recovers from the pandemic will reveal the competitive advantage achieved through the digitalization of operations management.
Chris Cunnane and Sharada Prahladrao — Technology Trends

Augmented Reality and its Industrial Applications

 In an inhouse interview, ARC’s Chris Cunnane, Research Director, and Inderpreet (Preet) Shoker, Senior Analyst, discussed augmented reality (AR); the differences between augmented reality, virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).
Janice Abel — Industry Trends

Getting Back to Work Safely: Post COVID-19 and Pre-Vaccine

It will be important for businesses to ensure the safety and health of their employees post COVID-19 while continuing to maintain business continuity as people transition back to work Post COVID 19
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