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Dora Zhu — Technology Trends


月4日,由GMECS(德中维迪玛商务咨询有限公司)上海分公司主办的第二届VDMA行业大会在紫竹高新技术开发区圆满落幕,主题为 “制造新纪元:AI在生产中的变革力量”,共400余人参会。VDMA协会由35个行业协会组成,会员企业超过3600家。而举办会议的紫竹高新区定位全球战略新兴与高端产业,吸引众多跨国企业研发总部与高端智能制造企业入驻。
Chantal Polsonetti — Company and Product News

Mitsubishi Electric’s ME Innovation Fund Invests in Private 5G Provider

Pente Networks, a private wireless network orchestration and management software company, announced that the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ME Innovation Fund, a corporate venture capital fund operated jointly with Global Brain Corporation, has invested in Pente’s latest funding round