Business Strategy and Growth Workshop

ARC conducted a Strategy Workshop for the client providing an external viewpoint on market conditions, user needs, other players, and partners.

Client Challenge

arc-strategy-session-mtg473-300px-cr.jpgThe enterprise software supplier's product positioning and product development strategy was inconsistent with prevailing market dynamics.  Prospects and partners were confused and losing confidence in the supplier's future viability.  The sales cycle was extending as prospects dug deeper into reviews of the supplier and their competitors.  Most regions missed their sales goals.  A new product roll-out was pending and needed changes

ARC Solution

Using Strategy Workshop methodology, a senior analyst orchestrated a review of the product strategy with the various business functions.  The analyst provided an external viewpoint on market conditions, user needs, other players, and partners.  Each team presented their strategy, product modules, positioning, and recommendations.  During small working groups, key issues and problems were explored in an interactive, team-based approach.  This review included product modules, development plans, marketing messages, pricing and packaging, and sales strategy.  The analyst provided a summary presentation with ten key recommendations.


The analyst worked well with the functional teams and brought out clear, unbiased evaluations.  A final review of the key points with the CEO gained his acceptance and support.  The company is now on a path that includes compatibility with industry standards and, at the same time, provides clear product differentiation.  Specific functions, target market segments, and a positive sales strategy are identified.  The recommendations were accepted and used to modify elements of the new product roll-out.  All parties are aligned and working towards a clear strategy that has raised confidence in the future success of the business.

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