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Global Outsourcing Service Provider (GSP) Evaluation and Selection

Global Outsourcing Service Provider (GSP) Evaluation and Selection
This ARC STAR Service will allow companies going through a business process or IT outsourcing sevice provider selection process to make a quicker and better decision.

​The Global Service Provider (GSP) selection guide includes both selection criteria and guided workflow steps for choosing a business process or IT outsourcing services provider.  The scope of the criteria cover the needs of corporate IT and manufacturing IT including communications with control systems. 

The pace of technology evolution continues to accelerate.  Now, cloud, mobile, social, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and 3D are impacting industrial concerns for improved business processes and enhanced business models.  Technology adoption is not an option.  Each of these major technology groupings involve multiple specific technical skills.  GSPs have access to a diverse set of skills, and can map them into a project as needed for lower cost, less risk, and faster time to benefit.

GSP selection has become mission critical.  The needed services include application and IT infrastructure development, roll-out, and maintenance.  The companies have become complex and decision making involves a range of capabilities from specific technologies to managing major programs.  Suppliers have specific domain expertise, geographical presence, and knowledge of certain industry dynamics. 

ARC has been researching the GSP market and we know the issues for manufacturing and industrial organizations:

  • Match services capabilities to your particular needs
  • Expertise for your key value streams to support business process optimization
  • Coverage spanning corporate IT, manufacturing IT, and controls engineering
  • Industry expertise and knowledge of current dynamics
  • Breath of skills for your technologies, applications, integration, and more
  • Assessment of depth of expertise
  • Resource availability across geographies
  • Design and architecture support
  • IT management capabilities
  • Supporting transformational change
  • Supplier long term viability
  • Separate leaders from followers

This ARC STAR Service will help you select the best available global service provider to meet your needs now and in the future.

For more information, or to arrange a demo of this service, please contact us.