Guiding a Major End User Through a Large-Scale Migration and Modernization Project

A leading international oil and gas company had a large installed base of very old process automation systems that needed to be replaced.  The company worked with ARC to determine the best path forward and select a supplier that could effectively meet its requirements. 

Client Challenges

oil-refinery-300px-cr.jpgThe client had a large and diverse installed base of process automation systems and related equipment at various stages of the lifecycle.  Much of the legacy installed base was at the end of its useful life and had to be replaced soon.  The client needed a way to evaluate suppliers that would enable a phased migration approach from this old and varied installed base to a standardized and sustainable solution to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).  The end user also had some specific technological requirements that would need to be addressed.

ARC Solution

Using the ARC STAR supplier selection tool and methodologies, combined with our knowledge of the process automation marketplace, ARC helped the end user justify this ambitious project, generate the request for information (RFI), and – ultimately – select an appropriate supplier.   This end-to-end process included an evaluation of the installed base of process automation systems and possible paths forward.  Several different scenarios were examined and their respective impacts on project and lifecycle cost analyzed. 

ARC presented its evaluation of the installed base and associated recommendations on migration approaches in a written report, presentations, and through several on site meetings and facilitation workshops.  Following the initial evaluation phase, ARC assisted the client on using the STAR tool for the supplier selection process and through several on-site meetings and facilitation sessions.  This helped create consensus within the organization. 


ARC’s STAR supplier selection process tool - combined with appropriate consulting and facilitation services - enabled this large end user organization to develop a path forward and select a main automation supplier that meets its stated requirements for phased migration, lowest project costs and TCO, along with the appropriate technological capabilities.