Clint Reiser

Clint Reiser

Director, Supply Chain Research

Clint conducts research on multiple segments within the supply chain software and technology markets.

Office Location
Boston, MA
Supply Chain and Logistics

Clint's research covers supply chain management solutions including supply chain planning, warehouse management systems, warehouse automation and control systems, and global trade management systems.

His reports are used by numerous organizations as a comprehensive frame of reference for analyzing the various aspects of the global market. Clint also publishes articles about logistics and logistics technology on the ARC logistics blog, Logistics Viewpoints.

Clint is responsible for researching, developing, and publishing of studies on supply chain solutions and the business practices these technologies support. His research includes revenue-based software market research, software demand trends analysis, end-user business practice research, and case studies on the application of technology in business. Clint has been with ARC since the beginning of 2006.