Paula Hollywood

Paula Hollywood

Senior Analyst

Paula's focus area is Asset Lifecycle Management and Asset Performance Management, specifically Plant Asset Management and Asset Reliability. She also contributes to ARC's Process Automation and Field System teams.

Office Location
Boston, MA
Asset Performance Management
Digitization, Industrial IoT, I4.0
Industry Best Practices

Paula's focus is on Asset Lifecycle Management, specifically Plant Asset Management and Asset Reliability. She has authored Worldwide Outlook reports in both of these areas of the Asset Lifecycle Management domain. Other areas in which Paula has been involved include Field Devices (Flow, Level, and Pressure), Process Analytical Chemistry, Intelligent Pumping Systems, and Laboratory Information Management Systems.

Paula has over 30 years' experience in automation. Prior to joining ARC in 2000, her roles included sales, marketing, and product management for suppliers of process automation hardware and software.

She spent 14 years at The Foxboro Company in various capacities. She spent several years with a manufacturer's representative company as an inside sales rep primarily responsible for sizing and selection of field devices including control valves and flow meters. At Kentrol she was also a member of the Quality Improvement Team. At Krohne America, Inc. Paula was level product manager for four years where her responsibilities included product technical support and directing US sales and marketing activities for all level products.