Sal Spada

Sal Spada

Research Director Discrete Automation

Sal is part of the Discrete Automation team at ARC. His responsibilities include studies in the Worldwide CNC, North American General Motion Control, and Servo Drive markets.

Office Location
Boston, MA
Industrial Cybersecurity
Industry Best Practices
Machine Control and Safety
Operational Excellence
End Devices, Sensors, Transmitters
Technology Evaluation & Selection

Sal's focus areas include general motion control, material handling, machine safeguarding, computer numerical controllers (CNCs), robotics, and servo drives.

 Sal has over 15 years direct experience in motion control system design as a software developer, project manager, and product marketing manager. In the area of CNCs, his concentration has been in implementing high speed contouring algorithms in vertical milling applications for five axis machine geometries.

Sal has been with ARC since 1997. Prior to ARC, Sal worked with EG&G Torque Systems, Boston Digital Corporation, and, most recently, Schneider Automation, all in the areas of CNC and General Motion Control Systems. At his most recent position at Schneider Automation he was Product Marketing Manager for Multi-axis General Motion Control Systems. In this capacity, he was responsible for market analysis, product specifications, product development, and all launch activities. Prior to that he worked directly in software development activities in a wide range of motion control applications.