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We have been hearing a lot about the convergence of information technology and operations technology (IT/OT).  This convergence been going on globally for several years as manufacturers realize that they cannot begin their digital transformation journey until this process occurs.  Connectivity between OT to IT is essential for any business to compete today with the increasing demand for tighter integration and more information that leverages IIoT, I4.0, cloud, edge, advanced analytics, big data, AI, and machine learning technologies.  However, the reality is most factories contain multiple generations of OT systems that must also be part of the IT/OT convergence journey This survey will explore where companies stand regarding how successfully they have linked their OT systems to their IT systems, covering both the technical and cultural issues. ARC Advisory Group conducts this survey to allow you to Benchmark your IT/OT Convergence Digital Transformation Journey with your peers.

Who Should Take this Survey?

Users and buyers of automation solutions, both hardware and software, across engineering (controls, process, manufacturing, maintenance), as well as management (plant, maintenance, operations, quality), and CxO (quality, operations, IT).

Privacy and Confidentiality

This survey requests information about your own experiences and observations.  ARC will keep all individual responses confidential, and only aggregate information will be used in any reports.

Benefits of Participating

ARC thanks you very much in advance for taking this survey and looks forward to sharing the results with you, once the report has been published.

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