ABB Envisage Takes Energy and Asset Management to the Next Level

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

ABB announced the launch of Envisage, a scalable and open software solution to help drive energy cost reduction and a tool to broadcast actionable data to increase uptime by digitizing maintenance.

Envisage takes an ambitious route to combine the software benefits of energy management, asset management and predictive maintenance. The genesis of Envisage was to bridge the gap between smart edge devices and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with one software solution.  This required the development of a software platform to support most third-party manufacturers for ease of integration.

Envisage provides benefits across heavy industries, such as factories and refineries, infrastructure support such as hospitals, universities, and data centers, as well as utilities and water treatment plants. The software reportedly reduces energy and maintenance spend, increasing facility uptime, to help end users meet energy reduction and sustainability goals. It can centralize disparate information, such as documentation, infrared images, and test reports, for ease of access and data trending.

ABB Envisage brings together independent operations, such as power management, HVAC, fire safety, and video to enable centralized monitoring and control over these systems for the entire facility.  There is also full support for real time and historic trending of water, air, gas, electricity and steam (W.A.G.E.S.).

Energy tracking and reporting are key features to drive efficiency. Departmental cost allocation is aided with virtual meters, which aggregate energy consumption from real meters. A shadow bill can be compared to a facility’s actual utility bill. By monitoring power quality with ABB Envisage, previously hidden events become visible which help determine the cause of an unplanned outage.  By harnessing the power of today’s connected devices and software analytics, ABB Envisage can provide a strategic maintenance dashboard. This dashboard will gather digital maintenance information, environmental conditions and user-defined criticality rankings to predict the optimum time for service.

Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group commented, “Initially, industrial IoT and analytics were focused on predictive maintenance and preventing unplanned downtime which impacts revenue and safety.  These technologies have moved into reducing electricity usage and related costs.  ABB Envisage is targeting these needs and the significant associated business benefits.”

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