ABB Unveils Industrial Scale Wireless Condition Monitoring Solution for Rotating Equipment

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

ABB unveils a scalable, high-performance wireless condition monitoring solution for large industrial applications.

Customers with large sites, such as automotive manufacturing facilities, processing plants or airport baggage handling systems can now utilize ABB Ability Smart Sensor technology together with Aruba Wi-Fi infrastructure to capture valuable health and performance data from their rotating equipment.  They can then access this information via a web portal, a cloud interface, tablet or mobile phone application for further analysis that will provide useful insights into their operations.

The use of wireless sensors eliminates the cost and complexity associated with the installation, wiring and connection of sensors.  Now, it will be easier for customers to deploy condition monitoring across their entire operation – potentially covering hundreds or even thousands of individual motors, pumps, bearings and gearing.  Furthermore, with ABB’s Smart Sensor for hazardous areas, the scope of the technology will be extended to include oil and gas and chemical processing plants.

One of the pilot installations of ABB Ability Smart Sensors operating over Aruba infrastructure is being commissioned at Axpo, one of Switzerland’s largest producers of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading.  Commercial installations are currently under discussion with a number of customers.


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