Accruent and Attainia Partner to Deliver Medical Equipment Maintenance Insights

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

Accruent announced that it has expanded its relationship with Attainia to allow Attainia to integrate Accruent’s Data Insights into the Attainia platform, allowing capital equipment planners to access aggregated asset ownership data for thousands of equipment models while creating project plans.  This integration, scheduled for release on June 17, 2020, will allow planners to make equipment choices based on the ownership experiences of other healthcare organizations.

Accruent Data Insights is a simple-to-use web application that provides hospital executives information to assist in making the best capital planning, purchasing, maintenance and labor decisions for their biomedical equipment.  Based on ownership experiences from more than half of U.S. hospitals, the Accruent Data Insights platform aggregates millions of data points and delivers valuable metrics in easy-to-consume visualizations to guide decisions.

Accruent Data Insights enables hospitals to:

  • Determine the most reliable and lowest cost of operation equipment to purchase
  • Identify and manage cost reductions without adding resources
  • Plan future capital spend for equipment and materials
  • Account for proper depreciation schedules
  • Optimize clinical engineering headcount and resourcing based on predicted labor needs
  • Determine the best time to replace biomedical devices

Attainia’s PROJECT is a capital equipment planning software platform that helps healthcare teams manage construction and renovation projects to meet both time and budget requirements.  Attainia PROJECT provides:

  • The medical equipment catalog, which contains more than 66,000 products
  • Time-saving, customizable templates to assist in planning individual rooms or entire departments
  • A single, cloud-based point of entry for all project stakeholders
  • Real-time collaboration connecting user groups on-site, working remotely, and at corporate offices and architectural firms around the country

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