Azima Global, Acquired by SymphonyAI Group, Renamed  Symphony AzimaAI

By Paula Hollywood

Acquisition or Partnership

SymphonyAI Group announced the acquisition of Azima Global, a leader in machine condition monitoring and reliability.  In joining the SymphonyAI Group of companies, Azima has been renamed Symphony AzimaAI and will develop industry- products that:

  • leverage one of the largest mechanical fault mode datasets
  • combine automated machine condition diagnostic data and plant-level process data, to deliver enterprise-level AI-driven predictive asset health and performance management solutions.

Customers can realize both strategic and economic value through reduction in unplanned downtime, maintenance and capital expenditures, and improvements in machine reliability and throughput.  These next-generation solutions represent a new paradigm in industrial IoT and will redefine performance benchmarks in a market segment that has been stalled by the limitations of traditional ERP and CMMS systems.

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