GE Digital Provides 360o View of Power Generation and Oil & Gas Assets with Remote Operations Command Center

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

GE Digital announced the release of a new solution for the Power Generation and Oil & Gas (Cogen) industries. Remote Operations Command Center is designed to help deliver the flexibility needed to operate centrally using shared resources across a fleet or implement a distributed command center to help leverage expert teams and infrastructure at geographically dispersed plants. By helping to improve productivity and collaboration across multiple levels of an organization, the new solution helps to allow teams to gain more immediate access to operate, analyze, and perform tasks from any connected location at any time.

Command Center helps to enable digitized process and operational technology tools without having to depend on IT personnel. The solution helps to enhance accessibility across roles and locations, providing more critical real-time IIoT data to help improve response and task completion time. Through the connected interface, operators can perform multiple tasks including data collection and analysis, transactions, asset monitoring and control from any connected location on a wide range of devices.

Command Center helps to extend GE Digital’s Remote Operations, a packaged software and appliance solution that provides remote/mobile operator access to on-site HMI monitoring and control functions. A unique more secure network system, hard-token credentials, and granular access controls helps to ensure that remote, mobile, and on-site operators can work independently or together in a more secure and NERC-CIP[1]compliant environment.

The solution includes Proficy Operations Hub, which is GE Digital’s no-coding, centralized visualization environment for more rapidly building industrial applications. Using a comprehensive native library of widgets, operators receive a more responsive enhanced HMI visualization experience. Defined data sources and entities connect devices and convert queries into actionable information for operators, which can save costs by reducing third-party development.

With additional flexibility to help address cloud and premise ecosystems, Command Center uses open standards to help reduce installation, deployment, and maintenance without needing to compromise capabilities, providing faster, automatic responses using IIoT data to trigger actions for teams, devices, or systems data. Integration with lone worker monitoring devices and applications is purposely built to implement safety measures on

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