GE Digital Releases Product Upgrades to Help Its Customers Better Leverage Industrial IoT

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

GE Digital announced enhancements across its software portfolio that help make it easier for its customers to operate plants, analyse industrial data, and optimize operations more effectively.

 The product updates include:

  • Predix Essentials, which makes it easier for industrial companies to connect, visualize and analyze data
  • Asset Answers, which helps customers better understand the competitive potential of Asset Performance Management (APM) software
  • Webspace 6.0, a new HTML5 interface that helps to bring automation data to operators across mobile devices

Providing Edge-to-Cloud Accessibility with Predix Essentials

Predix Essentials is a SaaS solution that helps companies connect to disparate data sources, monitor operations, and leverage edge-to-cloud predictive analytics, which helps to reduce time to value for operational teams looking to reduce waste, lower costs and increase performance. 

Developed in partnership with multiple customers, including silicon chip manufacturer Intel, Predix Essentials can be deployed as a first step for industrial businesses looking to leverage cloud-based Industrial IoT technologies, providing the connectivity, visualization and analysis capabilities that are required for a digital transformation journey, regardless of vertical industry or application maturity.

Suitable for all types of industrial companies, Predix Essentials is also the foundation of GE Digital’s APM and OPM application suites, providing functionality and bridging the software portfolio by connecting GE Digital cloud-based solutions to on-premises data from its Automation, MES and Historian solutions.

Identifying Maintenance Strategies with Asset Answers

Asset Answers is a benchmarking tool that helps customers import and assess data to better understand how their asset maintenance compares with similar companies in their particular domain, or against their own internal performance across sites.

With this information, customers can better determine where to invest in updating maintenance regimes or capabilities, and provide a path to products, such as APM, to better manage and optimize assets across their business.  Asset Answers is available for many industries, including power generation, oil and gas and chemicals.

Improving Operator Mobility with Webspace 6.0

Webspace 6.0, a web and mobility solution, brings the visualization and control capabilities from GE’s iFIX and CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA software across devices, including smartwatches, phones, tablets and desktops.

Offering encryption and a new zero-install HTML5 client, Webspace 6.0 helps to improve the method that operators receive and react to operational insights regardless of location, such as in the field, on the plant floor or at a desk, providing users with additional flexibility to make more informed decisions and share expertise regardless of location.  By dynamically extending automation solutions, Webspace 6.0 helps to increase information sharing across teams, speed up the process of making correct operator actions, and improve agility with real-time visualization and control.

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