Honeywell’s Enabled Services Improves Maintenance Effectiveness and Spend

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By Mark Sen Gupta


Honeywell Process Solutions recently presented its new Enabled Services offering to ARC Advisory Group.  According to the company, its new offering should help further reduce cost, Maintenance Effectivenessoptimize spend, and improve system reliability downtime for process manufacturers by monitoring control system equipment in real time and providing actionable recommendations to guide plant managers to efficiently execute maintenance activities. Honeywell Enabled Services accomplishes these benefits with a connected, proactive approach that leverages technology, software tools, and automation expertise.

The subscription-based service offers two levels of service, allowing customers to choose a plan that best fits their automation system needs.  It addresses system health, performance, security compliance, software maintenance and support, executing maintenance tasks, and system lifecycle management.

Some key points:

  • The offering is meant to augment current resources and increase their efficacy
  • Enabled Services provides analytics for better and more targeted control system maintenance and support
  • It captures all system data and distills it into actionable information to help save money

Maintaining a Modern Control System Is Challenging

Honeywell shared that the sheer volume of data today, combined with a lack of internal resources, can overwhelm many owner-operators in their efforts to identify operating problems and compliance risks and  act on optimization opportunities. Current maintenance Maintenance Effectivenessmethodologies require a sizeable amount of skilled human resources and tend to be reactive. Thus, owner-operators react to problems in an inefficient manner rather than planning and scheduling their work efficiently.

The reliance on open technologies within the modern industrial control system has created a more complex set of systems than in the past. This complexity saddles the user with greater demands around system service and support capabilities. These systems are subject to rapid technology turnover and have more frequent hardware and software re-fresh requirements. 

Honeywell believes process automation experts should re-evaluate their break-fix approach to system maintenance to achieve better performance and reduce costs over the system lifecycle.

Enabled Services Fills the Gap

Honeywell offers Enabled Services as a subscription-based service for an industrial control Maintenance Effectivenesssystem; allowing end users to assess, manage, and optimize system and operations without being physically onsite. Should a problem be identified, Honeywell’s experts can rapidly analyze the situation and make recommendations to solve the issues and/or go to site if required.

Enabled Services offers customers a holistic solution utilizing a remote connection and/or on-premise data collection, predictive and diagnostic tools, and global resource centers. This combination provides customers with actionable insights on how to maintain system health, prioritize resources, improve performance, maintain compliance, and make decisions faster.  Honeywell believes that this approach is superior to current ad-hoc maintenance solution offerings; home grown solutions that may compromise migration readiness, and/or delay maintenance until equipment is compromised.

Enabled Services offers a dashboard powered by FORGE to visualize the state of system health and compliance for users and provide actionable recommendations.

Leveraging Honeywell Forge

Enabled Services utilizes Honeywell Forge-powered dashboards to provide information regarding system health, performance and compliance, and actionable recommendations in an intuitive and consistent manner.

Monitoring Control System Health and Performance

Maintenance EffectivenessEnabled Services monitors applications, system performance and capacity utilization, providing early warnings and notifications of potential issues and providing insight to identify potential problems and resolutions before the problems manifest.

Maintaining Compliance

System reliability depends upon multiple compliance checks. Enabled Services monitors and creates actionable recommendations on security, network, and HMI, so that necessary action can address non-compliance to avoid potential downtime, connectivity, or security incidents.

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

The corrective and preventive maintenance aspect of the offering includes keeping software current, optimizing performance, and addressing cybersecurity gaps.  Accomplishing this requires access to upgrades and patches, incident support, troubleshooting, and technical assistance.  Enabled Services provides customers these capabilities and helps identify needs ensuring the activities are completed.

Making Decisions and Maintenance Faster

Honeywell Enabled Services offers customers a way to help ensure control system health, reliability, and compliance. The solution enables manufacturers to focus on their core task – making quality product — rather than concern for ongoing control system maintenance and support.

Honeywell claims the offering provides several core benefits.  One is access to a larger set of control system expertise to help the system run more efficiently and reliably.  Enabled Services augments the customer’s current expertise with expert advice and analytics.  The service also helps customers make informed decisions quicker and more accurately because the raw data is analyzed and presented as information in a timely manner to allow proper planning and collaboration.


With Enabled Services, Honeywell appears to address several challenges that ARC Advisory Group sees in the market.  Helping address the expertise gap continues to challenge many in the process industries, especially as control system technology relies more on IT. Manufacturers now compete with Amazon, Google, IBM, and other non-manufacturers for IT talent as well as engineers.  Complicating matters is the widely varying age of components within the control systems that need support. Additionally, many plant sites are barely staffed to maintain what is in place.  A services offering like this would allow existing personnel more time to work on improvements. 

More than just a skills gap, though, it helps address efficient deployment of a customer’s existing skilled people.  It answers questions like, “Where do we need to invest and why?” and  “What is the best use of our employees now?” “We’ve got a turnaround coming up, what do we need to do with the control system in order to fulfill our plans around our digital transformation initiatives?”

One nice feature is that this expertise doesn’t need to work on site, which the current pandemic seems to be highlighting.


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