Improved Device Diagnostic Functions Coming as Yokogawa to Release Plant Resource Manager

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced improved device diagnostic functions with the November 20 release of Plant Resource Manager (PRM) R4.04, the latest version of a software package in the OpreX Asset Management and Integrity family that facilitates the monitoring and control of plant operations by centralizing the management of large volumes of data from instrumentation and manufacturing equipment.

PRM R4.04 features improved device diagnostic functions, enhanced connectivity with other Yokogawa products, and support for the latest software.  

Enhancements of the latest PRM R4.04 include as follows:

1.         A failure prediction function that improves maintenance efficiency

A failure prediction function has been added to the control valve diagnostics function that is among the most heavily used features of the InsightSuiteAE software.  This new function predicts the date on which the state of a control valve will reach a preset threshold value, based on which it is judged that a fault has occurred in the device.  While thus far it has been possible to view trend data that points toward the possible occurrence of an abnormal condition in a control valve, the functionality provided with this release makes it even easier to pinpoint when remedial action must be taken before a fault occurs in a deteriorating control valve or other related equipment.  By indicating the date on which the fault is anticipated to occur, this function allows maintenance personnel to make the necessary preparations and effect repairs in a timely and well-planned manner.  As a result, unplanned emergency maintenance will need to be performed less frequently in a plant.

2.         Enhanced inter-product connectivity

The PRM maintenance alarm function now supports the unified alarms and conditions server (UACS) that was recently introduced in the latest version of the CENTUM VP integrated production control system.  CENTUM VP's UACS complies with the ISA 18.2 alarm management standard.  With this enhancement, plant operators will be able to receive notification of maintenance alarms using the latest alarm management environment.  Furthermore, the number of units that can be supported by the STARDOM FCN-500 autonomous controller has been increased from three to nine.  By increasing the number of units that can be monitored from PRM, more efficient monitoring becomes possible.

3.         Support for the latest versions of Windows and Office

With this latest version of PRM, support has been added for Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC (64bit) and Office 2019.


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