Innovative Artificial Intelligence: From Analytics to Robots

By Janice Abel

Technology Trends

Recently an energy company completed several innovative artificial intelligence (AI) Pilot projects that applied artificial intelligence to the electric utility’s operations’ assets and to maintenance activities using humanoid robots from industrial analytics to bots. While you watch the Robot’s expressive eyes make you think the robot is “thinking” much like a human would. The chatbot enables human voice interactions and is available to help users answer questions. In the project, the user speaks to the chatbot stating, “I’m about to begin a transformer Inspection, What’s my first step.” And the robot proceeds to describe each of the steps. The engineer also questions about operations such as when an oil level gauge had a low-level alarm, and the chatbot answers with the date and exact time the alarm occurred. The innovative artificial intelligence bot also answers other process questions and steps for the transformer inspection.

Innovative Artificial intelligence and the Bot in Action
Nao Robot Source: Softbank Robotics


Join us in Orlando to see Innovative Artificial intelligence and the Bot in Action

To see the chatbot live and learn more about how Duke Energy is using artificial intelligence, be sure to attend the ARC forum on “Digitizing Intelligence: From Analytics to Bots” and hear how the Energy company is using chatbots to give them vision into their energy operations. The energy company will demonstrate how they are using their chatbot for operational insights on their assets and for maintenance live. The development and deployment of robotics in a variety of industries has expanded over the past few years and ARC believes this trend will continue. The convergence of artificial intelligence and robotics, IoT and digitalization, has accelerated the development of next-generation intelligent robots for industrial applications. ARC believes that while these types of technologies are here to stay and will drive automation operational efficiencies, improve revenue and profits, and that an increasing percentage of manufacturers will embrace chatbots and robots because they’ll play an increasingly more important role in how manufacturers gain insight and make operational decisions. Join us in this exciting and informative session, “From Operational Analytics to Bots,” at the ARC Orlando Forum next month. Learn how you can use operational analytics and bots. Don’t forget to register now to be part of this exciting event.

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