LTTS Provides Comprehensive Asset Care Services

By Sharada Prahladrao

Project Success Story

Asset monitoring, maintenance, and optimization are vital for smooth plant operations, as are comprehensive asset care services.  Hence, organizations must have in place clear-cut Asset Performance Management (APM) strategies and systems to improve the reliability and availability of physical assets while minimizing risk and operating costs.   APM typically includes condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset integrity management, reliability-centered maintenance, and often involves technologies, such as asset health data collection, visualization, and analytics.  The ramifications of APM extend into business processes, technology, and organizational structure. 

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) has extensive experience in helping clients the world over to deploy APM solutions.  The company has enabled several remote asset care programs to monitor assets, processes, and risks.  They also engineer machine self-diagnosis programs so that assets can use trained artificial intelligence (AI) models to self-detect and fix issues.

Client’s Operational Challenges: A global automotive manufacturer headquartered in Japan, wanted real- time health monitoring of their factory machines with predictive analytics for key use cases, to gauge the remaining useful life.  The operational challenges were many: diverse maintenance procedures; statutory requirements; and manual data entries for asset health.  Moreover, without clean historical data, building effective analytics was a major challenge.  The client approached LTTS to provide a solution that would resolve these issues.

Solution Deployed:  To understand the client’s challenges and requirements, domain experts had discussions with the Operations and Maintenance teams.  The machines were assessed, and the KPIs were specified.  Secure sensorization that aligned to customer policies were put in place.  Seamless integration was provided between asset health data, operational data, and video data.  The entire solution was built on the SCADA layer for performance and flexibility.  

What LTTS offers:

  • Expertise in Sensorization, IoT-enabled measurements, machine data analytics and predictive maintenance
  • Virtually manage machines, industrial assets and business systems, ensuring a secure environment
  • Rich heritage and presence across ISA 95 Layers – Sensor, Edge gateways, PLCs/SCADA/HMI, Historian, MES, and IoT
  • Strategic global alliances with leading MOM product vendors 

Business Value:  The business value was quantifiable:

  • Reduced 35 percent of downtime
  • Reduced the third shift operation
  • Analytics provided actionable insight into the asset health

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