Mentor Graphics Delivers Commercial Mentor Embedded Linux Platform and Graphics Enablement for AMD Embedded Devices

By Dick Slansky

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Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the availability of the Mentor Embedded Linux software for the AMD Embedded G-Series SoC (previously codenamed: "Steppe Eagle"), CPU (previously codenamed: "Crowned Eagle") and 2nd Generation R-Series APU (previously codenamed: "Bald Eagle") devices. Developers who began evaluation, prototyping, and development by downloading the previously announced and freely available Mentor Embedded Lite and Sourcery CodeBench Lite products can now easily migrate to these new commercially-supported versions. Developers can make use of the Mentor Embedded Linux (MEL) and the Sourcery CodeBench integrated development environment (IDE) products to create applications targeting markets, such as digital gaming, point-of-sale (POS), and electronic signage/displays.

Embedded Linux Platform and Development Tools AMD Embedded customers can take advantage of the commercial version of the MEL product on the AMD Embedded G-Series and R-Series platforms by quickly building, from source, a customized Linux-based platform based on technology from the Yocto Project. Using the Mentor Embedded Sourcery CodeBench and Sourcery Analyzer technology, embedded C/C+ developers can gain valuable insights into system behavior and timing through a visual debugging framework that identifies functional, timing, and performance bottlenecks.

For embedded graphics and user interface (UI) development, the commercial MEL platform includes the integrated, accelerated Qt 5 and graphics framework and accelerated GStreamer media stack (OpenMax). This feature is an open source solution based on the Qt Project, used by over 450,000 developers worldwide. In addition to the Qt library modules, developers can make use of unique system-level trace and analysis visualization to easily optimize UI performance metrics, such as frame rate, to deliver highly responsive graphics-intensive applications.

Additional features and capabilities in the MEL Platform for AMD G-Series and R-Series devices include:

  • Multimedia stack (GStreamer)
  • Advanced debugging and profiling (Oprofile, Perf, KGDB)
  • Eclipse-based IDE
  • JTAG probe debug support
  • Customization services and technical support are available for AMD customers


The MEL Platform for AMD Embedded customers is available now.


Keywords: Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Digital Gaming, Point-Of-Sale (POS), and Electronic Signage/Displays, ARC Advisory Group.

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