By Janice Abel

Industry Trends

MES systems integrate data from the many silos and spreadsheets that extend from asset management, LIMS system, document management, quality management, batch management, energy management, automation data  to the business data.     By connecting the data - smart sensors and other digital information, MES enables the user with process visibility, manufacturing intelligence and analytics, workflow enforcement and the ability to plan and schedule production enabling workers the ability to make faster and smarter decisions.  New standards, ease of use features and "auto" smart features and capabilities are being embedded into the product, that are enabling workers. MES the Nexus of Technologies IT/OT convergence is the integration of information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) systems that is used to monitor and control events, processes and devices. In some cases, the convergence includes interoperability that extends from the sensors to the ERP system and from development to the supply chain. The convergence is leading to an increase in MES adoption and solving the information gap between IT and automation systems.  IT/OT convergence is critical to MES and to the digital transformation which relies on smarter connectivity.    Cloud and connected services are also playing a large role with this technology.  New simulation solutions are also able to help companies reduce bottlenecks.  MES is getting more connected and smarter. MES is a nexus solution for the digital transformation.  ARC's latest market research on MES for the discrete industries explores these trends and drivers with information on the leading suppliers to the discrete MES market.  Discrete industries include aeronautics & defense, automotive, electronics & electrical, machinery, medical devices, semiconductors and more.  MES for the process industries explores these trends and drivers specific to the process industries. ARC  also has a new survey on obtaining ROI from MES that we would like for those directly involved in purchasing, implementing or using MES solutions.         

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