MFA Releases Uni5G Technology Blueprints to Guide Enterprises Deploying Private 5G Networks

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
ByChantal Polsonetti
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MFA, an international organization dedicated to enabling industry verticals to deploy private cellular networks globally, announced the completion of the Uni5G Technology Blueprints. This initial set of three blueprint families Uni5G Technology Blueprintsprovides guidance to industry verticals and enterprises on the key functionalities to implement from 3GPP Release 15 to meet their specific requirements for coverage, reliability, connection density, and latency for their deployment. By focusing and implementing selected features from the Uni5G blueprint families, industry verticals can simplify their path to 5G private networks.

The first Uni5G Technology Blueprints release includes three blueprint families that map 3GPP features to requirements for coverage, reliability, connection density, and latency. For example, if a shipping port requires reliability and coverage, it can leverage the Uni5G blueprint to understand which features from Release 15 that it needs to implement for either a basic device or an advanced device. MFA will continue to evolve the Uni5G Technology Blueprints to stay in step with 3GPP releases.

The Uni5G Technology Blueprints are available now to MFA members. To be notified when the blueprints become available publicly, sign up here.

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