Mitsubishi Chemical to Acquire European Carbon Fiber Recycling Companies

By Shin Kai

Acquisition or Partnership

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) recently decided to acquire two German carbon fiber recycling companies, CFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbH & Co. KG (CFK) and carboNXT GmbH (carboNXT), through its subsidiary Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials AG, head office in Zurich, Switzerland, as a part of the company’s efforts to promote the circular economy.  The acquisition is slated for completion around early August.

CFK has its own network to collect leftover materials generated during the molding of intermediate materials, such as carbon fiber prepreg, mainly from customers in mobility-related industries, and also draws on its advanced proprietary technology to recycle these materials into usable forms of carbon fiber.  In turn, carboNXT sells these CFK-recycled products.

As already announced, MCC has also acquired c-m-p GmbH, a carbon fiber prepreg manufacturer, as well as the Minger Group of engineering plastics recycling companies.  With the latest acquisition, MCC will establish a chain from the manufacture of carbon fibers and carbon fiber composites to collection and recycling of products, in Europe, following Japan, where the chain has already been established.  In the future, MCC will offer total solutions including product recycling to customers, by using recycled products as raw materials within the group.

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