NVIDIA AI-on-5G Computing Platform Adopted by Leading Service and Network Infrastructure Providers

By Chantal Polsonetti

Acquisition or Partnership

NVIDIA announced it is teaming with Fujitsu, Google Cloud, Mavenir, Radisys, and Wind River to develop solutions for NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G computing platform, designed to help speed the creation of smart cities and 5G Computing Platformfactories, advanced hospitals, and intelligent stores.

Enterprises, mobile network operators and cloud service providers that deploy the platform will be able to handle both 5G and edge AI computing in a single, converged platform. The AI-on-5G platform leverages the NVIDIA Aerial software development kit with the NVIDIA BlueField-2 A100 — a converged card that combines GPUs and DPUs including NVIDIA’s “5T for 5G” solution. This creates high-performance 5G RAN and AI applications in a platform to manage precision manufacturing robots, automated guided vehicles, drones, wireless cameras, self-checkout aisles, and hundreds of other transformational projects.

NVIDIA and several collaborators in this new AI-on-5G ecosystem are members of the O-RAN Alliance, which is developing standards for more intelligent, open, virtualized and fully interoperable mobile networks. Such collaboration allows operators to use the same computing infrastructure required for 5G networking to provide AI services in enterprise, industrial and consumer and residential settings.

AI-on-5G will benefit multiple industry verticals. The NVIDIA Aerial SDK, in combination with NVIDIA Metropolis, NVIDIA Isaac and NVIDIA Clara, is an integral part of the AI-on-5G ecosystem and can be deployed on a single NVIDIA-Certified System using NVIDIA GPUs and DPUs on a single card.

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