Opto 22’s groov EPIC System Adds IEC 61131-3 Programming Options

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Opto 22 released the addition of international standard IEC 61131-3 programming options in its groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller.  Adding these new programming options to the existing flowchart and custom user-written options in groov EPIC provides control engineers with the ability to program using a variety of languages they may already know, while leveraging EPIC’s capabilities for automation and industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications.  All IEC 61131-3 standard languages are supported by groov EPIC, including Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST), Sequential Function Charts (SFC), and Ladder Diagram (LD).

Adding the IEC 61131-3 option helps control engineers pick the best available software tool for their specific application, mix and match several software tools to build control and IIoT solutions on one unified platform, and lets companies continue to leverage existing employee knowledge in IEC 61131-3 programming methods, including ladder logic.

The PC-based CODESYS Development System V3 is used to create and compile IEC 61131-3 programs for download to a pre-installed CODESYS Runtime running on groov EPIC.  The CODESYS Runtime on groov EPIC is enabled by a free software license available from Opto 22.

In addition to IEC 61131-3, groov EPIC can also be programmed using Opto 22’s native PAC Control.  Flowchart-based PAC Control with optional scripting offers 400+ plain English commands for analog process and digital sequential control, complex math, conditional branching, string handling, and other complex functions.

Other programming options include using software languages supported on the Linux operating system through secure shell.  This access. along with toolchains and interpreters for Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript/Node.js, allows developers to create custom applications.  In addition, groov EPIC includes Node-RED as another programming option. Node-RED uses a flow-based development environment designed for edge data processing and communications.

Integrated HMI

groov EPIC integrates the HMI software groov View with its control programs.  Once an IEC-61131-3, PAC Control, or custom software application is developed, the control program's tags and I/O are available for building a groov View HMI.  Data from other systems and equipment on premises, at remote locations, and in the cloud can also be included in the HMI. The drag-drop-tag HMI construction is quicker, security is built in, and trending and user notifications are included.

Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Since 1993, IEC 61131-3 has been a global standard for PLCs and PACs, offering a common look and feel for programs and development tools that makes it easier to support multiple vendors systems worldwide while reducing costs.  The addition of IEC 61131-3 programming options to Opto 22’s groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller enables experienced PLC and PAC programmers to more seamlessly deploy these new platforms, which helps to reduce vendor switching and development costs as well as training and maintenance costs.”


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