Owl Cyber Defense Announces the Official Release of DiOTa

By Larry O'Brien

Company and Product News

Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC (Owl) announced the release of the company’s new product, DiOTa; a data diode specifically designed for OT environments.

Recognizing that OT/IT convergence and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up traditionally isolated operational networks to cyber threats, DiOTa was created to address the unique cyber security challenges of protecting sensitive systems and devices in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The new solution is a compact, single-purpose data diode cybersecurity device designed for mass deployment to protect endpoints and digital assets in the IIoT.  Like Owl’s other data diode solutions, DiOTa performs hardware-enforced one-way data transfers and reduces the network attack surface with air-gap segmentation.  While most industrial organizations protect their IIoT systems with traditional software-based firewalls, which are susceptible to a number of threats, Owl says DiOTa guarantees much better security with far lower maintenance overhead, at a competitive price point.

Organizations can deploy multiple DiOTas to protect critical assets or remote devices, knowing that the security of DiOTa is built into the hardware of the data diode and doesn’t need the constant attention required of firewalls to remain secure.  The product comes with built-in support for file transfers and packet streaming, with additional capabilities coming soon.  DiOTa also features a compact, low SWaP design that is DIN rail compatible with an all new, streamlined user interface.

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