Presenso Partners with Siemens on AI Predictive Oil and Gas Maintenance

By Michael Guilfoyle

Acquisition or Partnership

Siemens has named Israel-based Presenso as its strategic partner in AI and machine learning (ML) for predictive asset maintenance for operations and maintenance solutions in oil and gas and distributed generation.

Presenso, which provides AI-driven industrial analytics tools for predictive maintenance, will support Siemens' operations and maintenance (O&M) services with its real-time Industrial Analytics Solution.  The solution will be integrated into Siemens' remote diagnostic services portfolio of tools, with Presenso's ML-based solution being applied to data generated from Siemens' machines and smart field sensors.

Presenso utilizes data science innovations, such as automated ML (autoML), to provide assistance to maintenance professionals, with the company's solutions available for both OEMs and end users.

Presenso, which applies autoML to big data to detect abnormal behavior patterns, has already begun deploying the solution in tandem with Siemens in power plants and oil and gas facilities around the world.


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