Rockwell Automation Introduces Enhanced Kinetix Integrated Motion Drives and Asset Management Software

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation Introduces an Expansion to its Line of Scalable Kinetix Integrated Motion Drives

Rockwell Automation’s motion business has introduced an expansion to its Kinetix line of servo drives with intelligent and scalable solutions.

The new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5300 servo drive is an integrated, CIP Motion solution for machine builders looking to help increase performance and leverage a single-design environment for control and motion.  When paired with the new TLP motors, users can leverage a coordinated platform that helps to bring the connected enterprise into simple machines.  The new drives are designed for diverse machine applications, such as electronics assembly, packaging and converting, printing. and web (CPW). 

The new Kinetix 5300 servo drives feature capabilities that can help simplify machine design and optimize performance throughout the machine lifecycle.  Like other Kinetix integrated motion drives, Kinetix 5300 leverages Studio 5000 as a single design environment. Using a single family of servo drives allows machine builders to program all their drives in this one design environment and reuse code across drives, helping to streamline the design and commissioning process.  Kinetix 5300 native integration with Logix control helps to enable smart tuning capabilities that adjust for changes in inertia and resonances automatically, helping to optimize machine performance and simplifying machine maintenance over time.


Rockwell Automation Releases Enhanced Asset Management Software

Rockwell Automation released an updated FactoryTalk AssetCentre software designed to help its users more efficiently manage plant-floor devices and protect against unscheduled downtime.  This latest software release helps users to more easily manage device firmware and expands disaster-recovery support to several new devices.  With the software’s updated asset firmware reporting, users can more quickly access in one place the most current firmware releases for their assets.  They can also see product safety advisories, release notes and product notices from a centralized location. These enhancements add to the software’s existing abilities to report device firmware, product lifecycle states, discontinuation dates and availability of replacement products.  This can help to save users time by not having to physically connect to control cabinets and manually record firmware information for production assets.

The updated FactoryTalk AssetCentre software also now provides disaster-recovery support to more Rockwell Automation devices.  These include the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5800 managed switches, E300 Electronic Overload Relays and PowerFlex 755T drives, as well as new CompactLogix and ControlLogix process controllers. In addition, expanded integration between the AssetCentre software and ThinManager thin client software allows companies to limit user access to specific files.  This can help to simplify tasks for workers and protect them from making mistakes, such as accidental firmware updates to the wrong devices. Users can also leverage the updated AssetCentre software with the latest release of Studio 5000 software, as the auto-generated diagnostics now available in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer software can be collected and logged in the AssetCentre software for preservation, searching and reporting purposes.


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