SAP and Trenitalia’s IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance Approach

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By Valentijn de Leeuw
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IoT-enabled Predictive Maintenance for Railway

During the fall of 2016, SAPand Trenitalia organised an Executive Summit in Rome and at the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa (Naples), Italy. During the event, Trenitalia, Italy’s railway operator, communicated the company’s new IoT-enabled approach to maintenance management that will run on SAP software. Trenitalia then anticipated then that the approach would help it save more than €100 million annually in maintenance costs, and still does.

Predictive Maintenance for Railway
A Brand New FrecciaRoss (Red Arrow) High-speed train

Predictive Maintenance for Railway: a Co-development 

SAP discussed the partnership and co-development with Trenitalia and the company’s commitment to investing in IoT; and announced SAP IoT Solutions and Industry 4.0 Solution Package, acquisitions of two companies, and the creation of SAP IoT Labs.

Project Update at SAP Leonardo Introduction

Recently, SAP announced SAP Leonardo, a system of innovation that enables organizations to quickly innovate and apply new technologies and innovations such as IoT, machine learning, analytics, blockchain, big data, and SAP Cloud Platform to solve and find real-world business opportunities. Subsequently, the company held the “Leonardo Live” event in Frankfurt, Germany last July to introduce the new brand to customers, partners, media, and analysts. Danilo Gismondi, CIO of Trenitalia, gave an update about the Dynamic Maintenance Management System project. In this report on or site, we update and provide a complete overview of this very interesting project. Please contact for any inquiries.

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