Schneider Electric Introduces Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives and Altivar 1260 Air Cooled Medium Voltage Drive

By Himanshu Shah

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Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, announced the release of Altivar Process – a new range of drives from 1HP to 1500HP. Altivar Process is the first line of variable speed drives on the market with embedded intelligent services.

Designed to solve customer problems, Altivar Process drives deliver added value services in the water, oil & gas, MMM and food & beverage industries to enable business and process optimization through improved life-cycle asset management and optimized energy consumption. The new drives are aimed at improving overall process performance and enabling full information and operational technology convergence.

Operational Intelligence delivers value through Process Visibility
Through system and equipment condition monitoring, Altivar Process helps ensure applications are performing at optimum efficiency. This is accomplished through the use of embedded process knowledge, configurable on-board dashboards and a graphical HMI display, all designed to deliver information specifically oriented to the customer's application.

Altivar Process incorporates many other features that provide process visibility, including an advanced and secure integrated web server, and high accuracy motor power monitoring. Altivar Process also reduces energy usage by adapting to operating changes, aiding in energy conservation and CO2 emissions reduction.

Embedded Guidance provides direction that improves uptime
New, intuitive built-in functions simplify set-up and provide customer understanding. Operators can access technical documentation, support, and diagnostic information directly on their mobile devices, speeding up troubleshooting and maintenance while reducing downtime and its related costs. This is accomplished through the drive's ability to dynamically generate QR codes to help solve issues immediately by directing operators to specific technical information on the drive via their mobile device. The drive also provides QR codes for instant access to comprehensive support information and can assist in contacting a Schneider Electric customer care center when needed.

A Reliable and Sustainable platform for long-term dependable service
Altivar Process represents the latest in reliable and sustainable design technology. The drive complies with all aspects of Schneider Electric's industry leading "Green Premium" standard for sustainable and eco conscious product design, incorporating 70 percent or greater of recyclable content and is in compliance with RoHS and REACH standards. Long operating life and reliable service have been lasting hallmarks of the Altivar drives family for more than 30 years. That tradition continues with key design standards like conformal coatings, functional machine safety inputs, and the ability of the drive to continuously operate at 50 degrees Celsius.



Altivar 1260 Air Cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Schneider Electric also announced the release of Altivar 1260 – a range of medium voltage variable frequency drives from 700 to 7,500 HP, available in 3.3KV or 4.16KV output voltage ratings. The flexible, high performance drive is ideally suited for large pump, fan and compressor applications and complements Schneider Electric's broad portfolio of bundled power solutions, including distribution gear, MV Soft Starters, plant equipment and services.

The Altivar 1260 is a high-technology, motor-friendly drive combining MV-IGBT topology with a straightforward modular design. It is fully backed by Schneider Electric's global energy management experience, complementary MV products and customer support services.

The Altivar 1260 medium voltage drive is an air-cooled voltage source inverter, able to be applied to both synchronous and induction AC motors. Designed to maximize reliability and simplify operation and maintenance, the drive provides front access to all serviceable parts, easy power module replacement and a common design architecture with a low component count.

Other important design features include a user friendly drive-mounted HMI and an integrated web application server that provides comprehensive local and remote control and diagnostics. A customer programmable embedded PLC supplies high-speed flexible process control while the drives' UPS system assures an orderly system shut down with full data logging in the event of a power outage. For additional installation flexibility, the Altivar 1260 is being offered with either a close-coupled or separately mounted input transformer and disconnect switch. Schneider Electric's US Drive Systems organization is now accepting orders for the Altivar 1260 with shipments of the UL Listed Altivar 1260 scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2015 including full factory acceptance testing at a final assembly and test facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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