Schneider Electric’s EcoCare Offers Exclusive Proactive Management of Electrical Systems Across Entire Lifecycle

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Schneider Electric announced EcoCare, a new level of services for access to electrical system expertise.  EcoCare membership is for customers who demand proactive management of their systems to help drive higher performance, Electrical Systemresilience and safety, and a smaller carbon footprint. EcoCare gives its members faster and exclusive access to experts. Its members receive a more optimal service level, deeper insights on asset conditions, and expertise to help unlock safety, efficiency and sustainability improvements.

Optimum service level

With EcoCare, from the first day that a customer’s equipment is installed, a dedicated customer success manager becomes the go-to person for orchestrating teams of remote and on-site experts and partners. EcoCare gives customers unique, around-the-clock access to industry expertise. EcoCare also provides faster response times and exclusive discounts on spare parts.

Deep insights and impact

Built on Schneider Electric’s digital technologies, EcoCare members can unlock greater potential of their connectable products and digital twins. With total access of an end-to-end digital platform, EcoCare enables users to better optimize their maintenance and get recommendations to help increase the performance of their systems and operations, and their overall energy management.

In 2023, EcoCare will become available for customers whose businesses rely on certain key technologies:

  • Modular data centers, whose full system includes UPS, cooling, and switchgear will be eligible to subscribe to EcoCare. Members can leverage a single service plan with a single point of contact, and one digital platform giving full visibility of asset status. It takes a condition-based maintenance approach, providing maintenance recommendations and insights into the operation, along with performance reports. 
  • Single-phase UPS customers who can benefit from simplified management and operation of distributed IT across edge computing architectures with a combined digital and on-site service plan. As EcoCare members, they will gain visibility into their single-phase UPS and exclusive access to a dedicated team to support them through on-boarding, remote monitoring, specialized training, on-site troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

A portfolio of assets & system services in complete transformation

EcoCare is at the core of the transformation and simplification of Schneider Electric Services portfolio for assets and systems. It is also completed with EcoConsult, the expertise assessment for actionable insights, and EcoFit, which are circularity and reparability services. The complete trio are presented together for the first time at the Innovation Summit North America.

With EcoConsult, Schneider Electric’s experts audit and map electrical and automation assets and systems with Digital Twin technologies to provide actionable insights and deliver on critical business outcomes. Those include safety and compliance plus efficiency and resilience for business uptime. Importantly, sustainability and circularity are addressed through the company’s obsolescence and modernization plan combined with CO2 calculation and energy efficiency through power quality studies​. Expert recommendations are delivered on mySchneider, a collaborative platform designed for easier prioritization, follow up, design and implementation.

EcoFit, the third member of the services trio, is a unique approach for aging equipment. It provides solutions that help to minimize waste and maximize resiliency, efficiency and safety to better prepare businesses for the future.​ EcoFit Life Extension and Replacement Services for equipment are systematically combined with sensors, digital capabilities and service plans such as EcoCare for an extended life, as well as take-back solutions, which provide a second life for  electrical equipment.

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