ServiceMax's Acquisition of Zinc to Expand Service Execution Management Offering

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

ServiceMax, a provider of cloud-based software for service execution, announced it has acquired Zinc, the company providing a frictionless way for service workers to get and share knowledge in real-time.  The acquisition enables ServiceMax to expand its Service Execution Management platform with an offering that allows customers to benefit from communications functionality tailored to meet the challenges of the service workforce.

Zinc’s “all mode” communications offering provides users access to secure, enterprise-ready 1:1 and group messaging, voice, video, content sharing, push-to-talk, top-down broadcasts, hotlines, and communication analytics.  Building on an initial integration between the two companies that began in April 2018, this announcement allows service teams to have access to a comprehensive service execution offering.

Whether the information is an urgent safety alert, tribal knowledge sharing, or a request for assistance, employees using Zinc can get the information they need in real time.  The Zinc platform also provides service workers with the flexibility to choose the best type of communication format based on urgency, privacy permissions, and surrounding worksite environment, all in a single application.

By running on all mobile devices and operating systems – including a desktop app designed for Windows and Mac and a browser option – Zinc makes communication easy not only between technicians, but also from office workers to the field.  Existing integrations with ServiceMax allow object-specific “contextual communication” within the ServiceMax environment, allowing technicians to engage in communications about a specific work order, customer, location, or asset.  As many service teams need to address talent issues, such as shortages, aging workforce, or training pace, Zinc also allows its customers to analyze and visualize ongoing enterprise communications to discover experts and help drive engagement across organizations.  By connecting service workers and enabling them to share real-time knowledge within the context of the task at hand, Zinc and ServiceMax together improve productivity, customer experience, and employee engagement.

Zinc will continue to work with other field service management platforms and CRM systems, including Oracle, Click, and Salesforce.  Zinc and ServiceMax integration with the Salesforce platform will also be supported.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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