Siemens Launches Energy Efficient IE3 Range of Low Voltage Motors – SIMOTICS 1LE7

By Sharada Prahladrao

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Siemens launches its new range of energy efficient motors SIMOTICS 1LE7. The new SIMOTICS 1LE7 range of motors is the newest entrant in the existing range of motors offered worldwide from Siemens. Siemens was also the first company in India to launch the locally manufactured IE2 and IE3 efficiency class energy efficient industrial motors; IE3 is currently the highest efficiency class as recognized by Indian Standards. These motors are capable of offering an average monetary savings of up to 8 – 20 percent depending on the frame size.

As of now, 1 out of 2 energy efficient low voltage IE motors sold in India is from Siemens. These IE efficiency class motors have been introduced to help energy intensive industries like cement, metals, mining, power, textiles, pulp and paper etc., achieve significant reduction in energy consumption and thus reduce their carbon footprint.

Siemens India has also won the Super-Efficient Equipment Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Global Efficiency Medal for its 1LA2 series of low voltage IE3 induction motors, verified by testing of 3.7kW and 11kW models. The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal helps in identifying the world's most efficient products and enhances buyers' ability to differentiate and choose among products on the basis of their energy efficiency.

Siemens is a pioneer in technology solutions for energy efficiency in India. Energy efficient products for the Indian market are a major part of Siemens' sustainability initiative. Apart from generating savings, the SIMOTICS 1LE7 range of motors will assist customers to reduce lifecycle costs and meet environmental regulations.

Bhaskar Mandal, Executive Vice President and Country Division Lead, Process Industries & Drives Division, Siemens India, said that Siemens began manufacturing motors in India from 1966 and is recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing state-of-the-art motors for diverse sectors, applications, and power classes. Taking this legacy forward, SIMOTICS 1LE7 will prove to be a reliable and efficient innovation, which will boost the performance of energy intensive industries.

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