Universal mCloud and Ecotricity’s Britwind Unite to Upgrade Wind Turbines

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

Universal mCloud Corp. announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Britwind Ltd, an affiliate of Ecotricity (“Britwind”) to upgrade wind turbines of the Endurance E-series class.

Britwind is a full-service company in the small and medium-size wind segment with expertise in wind energy production, operations, and maintenance.  In collaboration with Britwind partner Norwin Energy, Britwind has designed an upgrade to a fleet of over 1,000 Endurance E-series turbines, for which Ecotricity acquired IP rights in 2017 and addresses structural risks present in the installed fleet.

Through the upgrade, called rEsolve, mCloud and Britwind are working together to offer Britwind customers a complete end-to-end upgrade solution on a subscription basis.  The solution will include the opportunity to use mCloud’s AI and analytics to enhance the operation of their wind turbines alongside a 5-year warranty.  The rEsolve solution enables E-series owners, most based in the UK, to extend the life of the E-series machines and improve turbine performance for the benefit of both owners and the environment.

The Endurance E-series rEsolve upgrade will be available later this year.

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