Vericlave Partners with Schneider Electric to Provide Layered Cybersecurity Solution

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

Vericlave, a cybersecurity company based in Austin, TX, has entered into a global partnership with Schneider Electric to provide a layered cybersecurity solution.  Under the terms of this new agreement, Schneider Electric will provide Vericlave's encryption technology to help further protect their customers' IT and OT systems from the risk of cyberattack.  Vericlave's intrusion-prevention system overlays a zero-trust stealth model at the network perimeter and within existing infrastructure to provide a more secure communication tunnel between sites and to extend layers of defense across an enterprise.  According to the announcement, this combined solution provides customers with a layered, proactive approach to cybersecurity defense that better optimizes network performance while helping to prevent cyber threats from accessing or impacting customer systems.

The solution was developed and tested by the United States Department of Defense, United States Intelligence Community and in infrastructure across multiple industry verticals for over 20 years.  Its architecture and system agnostic capabilities helps to reduce installation, maintenance and other ownership and operating costs, and helps to enable end users to reallocate engineering, maintenance and other resources back into the business, which also helps to further reduce CapEx and OpEx spend.

How the Layered Cybersecurity Solution Works:

By creating cryptographically secure enclaves, the Vericlave solution is designed to shrink the attack surface by over 90 percent when compared to traditional Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network solutions to help eliminate the risk of malicious actors exploiting vulnerabilities.  Vericlave enables industrial end users to more securely and seamlessly transfer data between their upstream and downstream operations, meaning communication across the enterprise can become more secure as it would be within the control room itself, which helps to reduce the total cost of deployment and ownership reportedly by over 50 percent.  These capabilities will help to enable Schneider Electric to respond more aggressively to the immediate demand for operational technology cybersecurity solutions and expertise in the oil and gas, power, building automation, and other industrial sectors.

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