Mergers and Acquisitions

ARC can augment your merger, acquisition, and capital investment in automation and software related businesses.  We assist with the selection and evaluation of a target company.
ARC's independent consulting staff provides timely, accurate, and objective assessments of markets, products, customers, competition, intellectual property, and related business needs.

Improved Investment Choices

ARC contributes a deep and thorough understanding of the industrial markets to help guide you to the most lucrative financial investments.  ARC possesses an unmatched wealth of industry knowledge, experience, and contacts to assist in this complex business process.  Our consultants cover hundreds of companies spanning the entire manufacturing, building automation, and supply chain sectors.

Control Risk

How do you evaluate a business that is selling into a market that is unfamiliar to you?  ARC provides the assessment needed to understand their likelihood of success.  You can apply ARC's market insight and application knowledge to control the risk in your investment decision.

Due Diligence and Valuation

After identification of a candidate for investment, you need to determine financial viability and appropriate valuation.  ARC helps separate the "spin" to expose real business dynamics and opportunities.  Our "outside-in", business-oriented viewpoint helps ensure you obtain good value for your investment.

Support for Your M&A Team

ARC provides our clients with a confidential consulting relationship to help evaluate and value a prospective investment or acquisition.   We have assisted our clients with a wide range of due diligence activities, including:

  • Product and Intellectual Property Assessment:
    • Provide a fact and experienced based evaluation of the target company's products and underlying technologies
    • Objectively evaluate the business potential for existing intellectual property
    • Benchmark products vs. competitors using SWOT analysis
  • Market Assessment:
    • Market forecast and share evaluation
    • Research and identification of new market opportunities
  • Valuing Installed Base:
    • Client satisfaction survey
    • Survey "references" to determine if the clients provide a solid, positive recommendation
    • Evaluate brand value through validation of market perception and client satisfaction
  • Sales, Marketing and Channel Strategy:
    • Assess sales team personnel, strategies, and business processes
    • Review marketing message, strategies, and product packaging
    • Appraise promotional items including sales collateral, presentations, and website
    • Evaluate alliance strategies for channels, strategic partners, and other go-to-market programs

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