10/2023 DTC Global: Clarity in the Current Digital Twin Chaos

End Date
Event Location Online @11 AM ET
Event Type DTC Webinar
ARC Participation ARC Event
ARC Participants Ralph Rio Valentijn de Leeuw

Digital twins have had extensive coverage in the market and obtained high mind share among DTC members. But “Vendor driven chaos” has occurred with a wide variety of approaches including various industry needs, business models, and suppliers promoting specific components. 

This DTC meeting starts with a short introduction to differentiate between digital twins for the discrete and process industries. Then, the discussion will focus on the process industries. Those attending will gain clarity on how a digital twin supports their business needs which can help gain consensus and accelerate implementation.

  • Intro and MC – Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group

  • Discussion for the Process Industries among a panel of selected DTC members (currently being recruited)

  • Q&A among those attending


Steve Smith, Project Manager, WWE&C - Project Management Eastman Chemical

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